Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Trailer Reveals New Operators?

Last Updated on: 16th February 2021, 07:09 pm

Treyarch has just revealed a new Black Ops Cold War Season 2 trailer and things are getting WILD. Below, we are taking a look at all the possible new Operators coming in Season 2.

The biggest year in Call of Duty continues on February 25 with the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season 2. Adler is incapacitated and Stitch is weaving a complicated plan against his nemesis, his friends, and the world.

That doesn’t mean he’s alone though. Woods is bringing some friends to Adler’s rescue, and Stitch is bringing some of his own! Check out everything we got a look at in the Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Trailer below and the possible new Operators on the way.

Cold War Season 2 Trailer

Below, you can check out the new Black Ops Cold War Season 2 trailer fresh from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

( Sorry, we didn’t mean to call Treyarch horses. We’re sure they’re nice people. )

This cinematic takes place in Laos and gives us an exciting look at what Woods has been up to while Adler and Zenya were clashing with Stitch at the Mall.

Aside from the incredible visuals and crossbow, we got a look at three possible new Operators for Black Ops Cold War.

New Operators?

The first of the three possible new Operators we’re talking about is Naga.

Well, Naga is a codename but we don’t know his actual name. Clearly, he is a wanted man, a ruthless killer, and a “bad guy”?

We hear him communicating with Stitch, so it’s safe to say that he will be on the Warsaw Pact in-game. That being said though, we’re still not sure what role he is playing.

Cold War Season 2 Trailer
Credit: Treyarch

We know that Stitch wants him to “keep people busy” essentially, while he deals with Adler. But, why?

Stitch seems nonchalant about the Nova-6 supply lines, so what’s the real plan if-not a the deadly nerve agent? Only time will tell…

The second possible new Operator we are talking about is someone we see at the start of the above trailer.

Currently unnamed, we see this character wielding a Mini-Gun to devastating effect and seemingly commanding Woods. He must be a tough son-of-a-bitch to get that kind of respect, right?

Cold War Season 2 Trailer
Credit: Treyarch

It seems safe to assume he will be on the NATO side of things on Black Ops Cold War; however, we’re not sure of his role in the story just yet. Whatever it is, we know it’s going to be awesome.

Finally, we get a look at another possible new Operator. This one also comes with a crossbow!

Another NATO Operator, this woman looks like she’s seen some shit. She joins Woods and the other unnamed Operator on the ground to continue their search for something to help Adler out of his sticky situation.

Cold War Season 2 Trailer
Credit: Treyarch

The question is… Why has she drawn so much flack? Who’s she been pissing off? It seems Naga is working independently from the rest of the Soviet and/or Viet-Cong so could this be something independent?

Either way, she seems to know there’s a way to help Adler out here in the Laos jungle.

We Have A Lot Of Questions

Not only does the new Black Ops Cold War Season 2 trailer showcase three new Operators, but we also get a new look at another possible weapon.

Are you looking forward to using a Crossbow in Black Ops Cold War? Well, on February 25th you can!

From what we can tell, it seems this trailer takes place at a similar time to the one that shows Adler being captured by Stitch. Could all three of these new Operators be coming to flesh out the roster?

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What is Stitch planning? Who are the new Operators coming to Black Ops Season 2 as shown in the trailer? Only time will tell.

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