The Absolute Best PS4 Games of all Time


Sony’s PS4 has some of the best games on the market, but how many of them are exclusive to the console, and what are the best ones? Let’s take a look at the best PS4 games of all time!

Ghost of Tsushima

Best PS4 games: Ghost of Tsushima
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Ghost of Tsushima, released in July 2020, is an action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published as a first-party PlayStation game by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game follows a samurai known as Jin Sakai on a quest to protect his home land of Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. Winner of “The Game Award for Best Art Direction,” Ghost of Tsushima is definitely one of the best PS4 games we’ve ever seen.


Credit: Eurogamer

When you think PlayStation, you may think of the incredibly popular souls-like, Bloodborne. Bloodborne was by far one of the most highly-acclaimed PlayStation 4 titles and has remained as such since its release. Fans of the game have begged for a sequel or a remaster of the game, but we have yet to hear any updates about any such developments, unfortunately. Bloodborne was developed and published by FromSoftware in March 2015.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
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Uncharted is one of the most popular PlayStation franchises ever. Starring Nathan Drake, an Indiana Jones-esque hunter of all historical artifacts, the game is full of action, adventure, humor, and danger every step of the way. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End became so popular on PS4 that the franchise is being developed for the big screen in a film based on the Uncharted games, starring Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake. Hopefully, we’ll get to see the film before Tom Holland is old enough to play Sully.

God of War

Credit: PlayStation

The 2018 release of God of War served as a hard reboot for the classic PlayStation franchise of the same name. God of War (2018) puts players in the shoes of a viking Kratos who, instead of his traditional Greek ancestry, has been re-imagined using Norse mythology. The game is fantastic and won Game of the Year in 2018 when it was released. God of War is by far one of the best PS4 games of all time.

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Spider-Man is one of our favorite PS4 games of all time and, if it weren’t for #1 on this list winning Game of the Year in 2020, we would definitely give it the #1 position. Spider-Man has got such an amazing story, full of fun and interesting characters that evolve throughout the game in so many ways. The gameplay and swinging mechanics are very good, to the point that you don’t even want to use the fast-travel to get around New York City.

The Last of Us Part II

Best PS4 games, The Last of Us Part II
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The Last of Us Part II is near-undoubtedly one of, if not, the best PS4 games of all time. After its 2020 release, the game won Game of the Year nearly unanimously. While it isn’t necessarily the most mechanic-heavy, the game is by far one of the best examples of storytelling in gaming.

Do you agree with our list of the best PS4 games of all time? Let us know what you think belongs on this list as well!