Spider-Man 2 Trailer Breakdown: Insomniac’s Next Marvel Hit

Insomniac's Spider-Men

Sony and Insomniac Games dropped the mic today during the PlayStation Showcase event with a teaser for Insomniacs next two massive Marvel projects.

Marvel’s Wolverine was announced with a very short teaser, and a full trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was released.

Though the trailer for Spider-Man 2 was only about a minute and a half long, there’s plenty to unpack to get fans hyped for the highly-anticipated sequel.

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Check out the official reveal trailer below.

Craig Goodman

Spider-Man 2 trailer opening shot
Source: PlayStation

The trailer opens with this shot of Mikal’s Diner. Initially, I looked to see if the diner itself was a reference to any Marvel comics, but I couldn’t find any previous examples of Mikal’s Diner.

After looking closer at the shot though I noticed the street name located in the center of the image above: Goodman Street. This is a very subtle reference to Craig Goodman, an influential employee at Insomniac Games that tragically passed away two years ago.

Craig was a major component at Insomniac and had a significant hand in the development of every Insomniac property since 2002. A main part of why the company was purchased by Sony and became a first-party developer, Insomniac has memorialized in Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart, and now Spider-Man 2.

Kraven the Hunter

image of Kraven the Hunter from Marvel Comics
Source: IGN

The entire trailer features a voiceover of a man with a thick accent. The man talks about his search for an equal. A person that could push, surprise, and even beat him.

This man is none other than Kraven the Hunter, one of Spider-Man’s most popular villains.

In the comics, Kraven and Spidey have battled numerous times. Kraven is always in search of new game to hunt and sets his sights on his ultimate prize: Spider-Man.

Including Kraven as a villain in Spider-Man 2 is incredibly exciting. Even though he’s one of Spider-Man’s biggest enemies, he hasn’t been included in a lot outside of comic books.

Spider-Man’s Suit

Spider-Man suit from Spider-Man 2.
Source: PlayStation

The trailer gives us our first look at Spider-Man’s suit in the game.

From this first look, we can see that Peter seems to be sticking with his Advanced Suit from the first game now with a few upgrades to the design including retractable Iron Spider legs. It looks like Insomniac may be looking to adapt the Superior Spider-Man story line either in this game or the next one.

Regardless of what suits were shown in the trailer, fans can expect the sequel to follow the original with a large variety of suits for both Spider-Men.

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Miles Morales’s Suit and Abilities

Miles Morales Spider-Man suit logo
Source: PlayStation

We also get our first look at Miles Morales in action since we last saw him in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Miles also seems to be rocking the suit we last saw him in, and the trailer also showed off some of his electric powers.

The trailer shows Miles and Peter working together to take down some goons so it’s exciting to see what that gameplay will actually look like.

Swinging through New York and switching between two customizable Spider-Men throughout the course of this game is going to be so much fun.


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Venom
Credit: Marvel/Insomniac

Probably the most exciting part of the trailer comes at the end when Kraven calls out to the two Spider-Men, “Will one of you finally give me what I desire?” to which Venom replies, “Yes, we will.”

The trailer ends with a reveal of what Venom looks like in the game which you can see above. From what we can see, his design seems to be pretty straightforward and right out of the comic books.

Many fans theorized that Venom would be featured in the sequel since the iconic black suit was left out of the first game, but the reveal was no less exciting.

And, with Venom included in the sequel, we can guarantee that players will be able to swing through New York wearing the iconic black suit.

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In my opinion, Venom and Kraven are the perfect villains to face off against Peter and Miles in this sequel. It’s going to be exciting to see where exactly Insomniac takes the story.

Is this Venom Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson, or another character? Maybe Harry Osborn? The previous game hinted at Norman potentially curing Harry’s illness with the use of the Venom symbiote so it’s likely Harry will wear it for at least a portion of the game. Will we see Venom and Kraven bond together as they’ve done a couple of times in the comics?

We’ll have to wait until 2023 to get answers, and I for one am counting down the days until Insomniac gives us more information on this game.

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