Oddworld Soulstorm Uses DualSense Features In The Right Way

Oddworld Soulstorm DualSense

Recently, we got a brand new look at Oddworld Soulstorm and the DualSense features the game will launch with on PS5 consoles. Although they may be subtle, Oddworld Inhabitants are making sure that the DualSense is being used in the right way going forward.

Sony’s new DualSense controller is the best controller out there at the moment. That’s an undeniable fact. It’s adopted the ergonomic shaping of the Xbox One’s controller, appeasing those fans who thought that the PS4 DualShock was too small, and brought a whole host of never-before-seen features to the market in an effort to improve the industry standard.

Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback are the main new features; however, the speaker and touchpad have also been brought forward from the DualShock to the DualSense.

Titles like Black Ops Cold War use the Adaptive Triggers well, with each weapon feeling a little different to fire, but this pales in comparison to how the DualSense can and should be used by developers. The Trigger use by Treyarch seems almost like an after-thought and a little unnecessary if we’re being honest.

Oddworld Soulstorm DualSense
Credit: Summer Games Fest

Astro’s Playroom, the indie launch title that came with every PS5 console, is perhaps the best title to showcase how well the DualSense’s new features can be used to really enhance the gameplay.

You feel each step as Astro takes it, with the sound coming from the DualSense dictating what surface Astro’s little legs are running across. The rain overhead is represented both in the Haptic Feedback and the in-built speaker too. When Astro pulls out a bow or pulls on some loose wires, the Adaptive Triggers get a good run-out too.

The difference with this title is that each gameplay element works in unison with the DualSense’s new features. It feels much more integral to the gameplay as a whole. Every moment in Astro’s Playroom uses the whole arsenal of DualSense features in unison to create a well-rounded immersive experience like no other at the moment.

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It is a real next-generation title, to put it simply.

Although there aren’t too many games out at the moment that are solely developed for the PlayStation 5, which may be the issue, Oddworld Soulstorm looks like it could be an important step in the right direction for how developers utilise the DualSense going forward.

Oddworld Soulstorm DualSense Features

During PlayStation’s latest State of Play presentation, we got a little look at what to expect from Abe’s next adventure in Oddworld Soulstorm.

Below, you can see the full segment below:

Aside from the fact that it features “2.9D” platforming which adds a fantastic depth to the side-scrolling landscapes, Oddworld Inhabitants are also adding a heartbeat feature to the game.

When Abe is in a high alert or suspenseful situation, players will actually be able to feel Abe’s heartbeat via the Haptic Feedback of the DualSense.

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Although this doesn’t sound like a lot right now, it is a huge step in normalising the more subtle use of the DualSense’s features to enhance the gameplay experience without taking away from the game itself.

When playing Black Ops Cold War, for example, the trigger pulling can become tiresome when you’re repeatedly firing a semi-automatic weapon.

Similarly, when playing FIFA 21 it is almost frustrating that the Adaptive Triggers become harder to pull the closer to the final whistle you are. We know our players are tired, right?

The DualSense is obviously in a “Trial and Error” phase at the moment and that is okay, but it also feels like larger studios aren’t really thinking about how they should be using the DualSense.

Oddworld Soulstorm DualSense Cliffside Level Official Art
Credit: Oddworld Inhabitants

It’s rather a “we have this and we should slap this on the major feature where it works”.

In Call of Duty, a heartbeat feeling from the Haptic Feedback would work alongside the Adaptive Trigger use. In FIFA 21, some sort of rumble from jostling players would enhance the intensity of each clash on the field.

We think, going forward, the DualSense needs to be used more subtly to enhance the gameplay experience and the “heartbeat feedback” we’re getting in +Oddworld Soulstorm is the perfect start to this and should hopefully encourage other developers to follow suit.

For updates on Oddworld Soulstorm, check out the official Twitter account here.