Mobile Legends: Vexana Revamp


Last Updated on: 7th May 2022, 01:41 am

The wait is almost over. Revamped Vexana is now available on the advanced server! 

Yup, you read that right. With the revamp on the advanced server, it will only take a little while until we see the new Twisted Summoner keep her enemies “in a twist of pain” in the official server of the Land of Dawn

So, what are the changes? 

Vexana: New Appearance 

Vexana’s appearance has changed drastically. From a “wizened and frightening monstrosity,” she now looks young and beautiful. Looking at how she looks now, we can easily surmise that this was how she used to look before her kingdom collapsed due to Alice’s schemes. 

Credit: Moonton

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Vexana: New Skills 

Passive – Necromancy Spell 

Vexana’s Passive Skill remains the same. Enemy units marked with her skills will still explode upon death, causing a huge chunk of magic damage to other enemy units nearby. 

Skill 1 – Charmed Specter 

Vexana’s Skill 1 will still apply the Terrified effect on enemy heroes. However, it now stops on hit and doesn’t cause crowd control to all enemies in a straight line in one go.  

While that sounds like a nerf, the good thing is that it now explodes after 1 second and all enemies within the area of the explosion will receive damage and will be applied with the Terrified effect. 

In essence, this is pretty much like Hanabi’s Ultimate, but while Hanabi’s Higanbana causes immobilization, still allowing enemies to cast skills that do not require movement, Vexana’s Charmed Specter totally disables enemies’ movement and attacks. 

Skill 2 – Nether Snare 

Vexana’s Skill 2 will still deal damage in a specified area. However, with the revamp, you can now completely control when to make the skill explode by simply clicking on the skill again. If not, the skill will explode in the specified area after 3 seconds. Note that the longer you detonate the skill, the higher the damage will be. 

This is a good change because it was previously very difficult to hit enemies with high mobility using her Skill 2 without applying the Terrified effect first. 

Moreover, Nether Snare can now be used to detect enemies hiding in the bush. 

Ultimate – Cursed Oath 

Credit: Kazuki Official

With her new Ultimate, Vexana can still summon a unit that will fight alongside her. However, she no longer has to place a curse on an enemy unit and wait for the curse to end just to summon a “puppet.” She can now immediately summon an Undead Knight

The Undead Knight will not just simply attack enemy units, but also deal damage and stun enemies in the designated area where he is summoned. Moreover, just like her old Ultimate, she can make the “puppet” jump to an area again. But while doing this will deal another huge chunk of damage, enemy units can only be slowed this time around. 

Unlike the old “puppet,” the Undead Knight doesn’t have an aura that deals damage to enemies. He will simply attack them with his sword. 

However, while he does “basic attacks,” this doesn’t mean that Attack Speed items will work on the Undead Knight

Moreover, the effects of Glowing Wand and Necklace of Durance cannot be triggered by him. 

The only way to increase the Undead Knight’s damage is to buy more magic damage items. 

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Who is the Undead Knight in Vexana’s Ultimate? 

According to Leomord’s lore, he was risen from the dead by Vexana. Therefore, saying that he is the Undead Knight is a safe guess. 

Do you like Vexana’s new design and skills? While we know you’ll miss her old Ultimate, watching squishy heroes slowly awaiting their deaths, her revamp will definitely bring something new to the current meta, and we’ll probably see her getting banned in Draft Picks soon!