How to Unlock Klee’s Outfit on Honkai Impact 3rd

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Honkai Impact 3rd version 4.9 ”Outworld Traveler” is only a few hours away, and to get you ready for it, we will now show you how to unlock the game’s upcoming Klee-themed outfit ”Heat of Trifolium”.

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How to Unlock the Klee-themed outfit ”Heat of Trifolium” on Honkai Impact 3rd

As it was revealed by miHoYo on Honkai Impact’s official site, the Klee-themed ”Heat of Trifolium”, will be available as an alternative outfit for Theresa’s S-Rank battlesuit ”Celestial Hymn”, and players will be able to get it on the cross-over event’s exclusive shop, by changing tokens won by performing event-related tasks.

But, only getting the outfit will not be enough, since players need to have unlocked the battlesuit first to be able to use it in combat. 

  • You can get the 5-Rank battlesuit by getting 50 Celestial Hymn Fragment’s, which can be exchanged for the battlesuit. Or by pulling her when available in the game’s supply section. 

The outfit is not the only thing players can get by taking part in the event since they can also exchange the tokens obtained by completing its missions to unlock the new ”Outworld Traveler Emblem”, and to get up to 500 Crystals, Fischl Soul Fragments, used to upgrade her Battlesuit, and the new Traveler Stigma. 

A few of the rewards available as part of the cross-over event ”Outworld Quest”, on Honkai Impact 3rd.
Credit: miHoYo.

Teri-Teri, or Da-Da-Da? 

Just like many other battlesuits in the game, the ”Heat of Trifolium” battlesuit will slightly change the battlesuit’s attacks, by applying new effects and changing the look of her normal attacks, ultimate evasion skill, charged attack, and Ultimate, giving them a Klee themed makeover. 

With that said, you can rest assured, since, just like with most of the outfits available, the changes are only cosmetic and don’t affect her playstyle at all. 

You can check out the trailer for Honkai Impact’s version 4.9 below, featuring many of the new mechanics, events, and more coming to Honkai Impact 3rd:

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Version 4.9 will not only bring Fischl to the game, but also will also allow players to play as Keqing, in an event exclusive missions, and much more.

You can play Honkai Impact 3rd right now on PC, via miHoYo’s official launcher, and on mobile devices – Android and iOS. 

You can check out the game’s official summary below, featured in Honkai impact 3rd official site:

”Valkyries. Warriors of Schicksal, the most powerful organization on Earth. The lithe bodies of these young girls are imbued with the very genes capable of countering the embodiment of chaos.
Honkai. A raw, unbridled phenomenon whose ultimate goal is to destroy humanity.
You are the Captain commanding these Valkyries. You must face humanity’s greatest enemy along their side.”

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So, do you plan on getting the new Klee-inspired outfit for Theresa?