Genshin Impact: 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Rosaria


The second banner of Genshin Impact‘s current version 1.4 ”Invitation to Windblume” is just around the corner, and will feature both the rerun of Tartaglia (Childe) and the debut of the game’s newest playable character, Rosaria.

With that in mind, and in preparation for her debut, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about ”Thorny Benevolence” Rosaria, Genshin Impact’s new 4-star Cryo polearm character.

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Before we begin, you can check out Rosaria’s Character Demo below:

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She Has a Reason to Be The Way She Is

Credit: miHoYo

Rosaria is by many fans, considered to be a difficulty character. but what many dont know is what made her the way she is.

According to Honey Impact, Rosaria is not a native of Mondstadt, being born in a remote mountain village, but soon after being born, she was taken from her home by the same bandit group that destroyed it.

With that said, she grew up in a hostile and hush involvement, where she would have to fight for survival at every moment, and where her youth became just a fleeing memory amidst the blood.

That struggle shaped who she is, even now, years after Grand Master Varka took her to the city of Freedom, hoping that she might find a home there.

How She Got Her Vision

Credit: miHoYo

Also according to Honey Impact, Rasaria’s vision came to her at one of the pivotal moments of her life, when, after attempting to run away from the bandit gang, she was broth back by the same man that took her from her hometown, and forced into single combat, where only by killing him could she earn her freedom.

After falling her opponent, a question surfaced in her mind, at the same time a vision appeared in her hand. Did he let her kill him on purpose?

She Has a Keen Eye for People

Credit: miHoYo

According to her character profile, and her voice lines Rosaria has a keen eye for people, even if sometimes she can sound a little too suspicious of others. 

She’s a Master Interrogator 

Credit: miHoYo

Rosaria dedicates her life to the protection of her home, the city of Mondstadt, protecting them from the shadows, with leads her to the encounter of many dangerous kinds of people.

But are those people threats to the city? To find that out the stalks, investigate, and interrogates, all abilities in with she has mastery of. And depending on her conclusion, she shall be the last person they ever meet.

Favorite Dish, and Drink

Credit: miHoYo.

Rosaria is an avid drinker, always spending her free time at the taverns, sampling wine, and gathering information, much like a know Cavalry Captain.

According to Honey Impact, her favorite dish is the Beef Bourguignon, her last favorite, on the other hand, is the Mondstadt Hash Brown. A dish she finds, in her words, a ”sacrilege”.

On the other hand, Rosaria seems to love Dandelion Wine, for the happiness of the tavern owners all over the city.

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Genshin Impact is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, via backward compatibility, mobile devices – Android, and iOS – and PC, via miHoYo’s official launcher.

The games next banner should be released on April 6th or 7th.

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