Fortnite: The Lost Items that never made it into the game

It has been over four years since Fortnite was first released way back in 2017, with the game now in its 18th season with Chapter 2 Season 8.

What makes the game so good was their unique gun physics and its unique item set and, obviously, the ability to build.

Fortnite has had a lot of items since the very first season and all of those items were very fun and sometimes very fun and broken.

Even though the game has a lot of items in it already, some items were only in the game for only as long as an hour or even less, and some items were even put into the game files but never made it onto the live servers.

These items were so absurd that we wouldn’t even think of those items.

Tin Stack

This weapon had two firing modes and they could be switched by going crouch and standing. When you were standing, it would shoot normally like a gun but when you would crouch it would become an airstrike mode which had a very high level of accuracy.

Pool Floaty

This was basically a tire you would wear on yourself to protect yourself from bullets. But if someone shot you, you would fly high into the air and then die from fall damage.

So it was so “unique” that if someone shot you, you would die from fall damage instead of the bullets.

Recon Pack

This was the Recon Scanner, which we have right now, but it was not a scanner exactly.

This pack would show you the center of the storm and show you nearby chest and other items but it made a sound when an enemy was near you.

Bear Trap

This trap was very different from all the traps in the game already. You could place this anywhere like a mine and if someone came close to it, it would stun the enemy and also would flash him for a little time.

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You could place this like a launchpad in an open space. It would send a scan across the map in sweeps and mark all the enemies and it will do that until it is destroyed. The developers were taking some inspiration from Call of Duty.

Vaccum Grenade

This grenade is the exact opposite of the Impulse Grenade. It basically pulled you to wherever you threw it. It could have been a must-keep for “W key” players.

Slow Grenade

You could use this grenade to slow down players but it didn’t affect teammates. People could just slow grenade you while you’re inside of the storm. It would have been useful for combat against people who try hard.


You can aim it anywhere and it would grapple you there when you shot it. It worked exactly like Pathfinder in Apex Legends.

It would have been really easy to get up mountains which sometimes blocked my way of getting into the safe zone.

Golden Ticket

This is probably one of the most interesting items I have ever seen. You can consume this Golden Ticket and you can revive your whole team and you and your whole team will respawn with a personal battle bus.

Supply Drop Grenade

This is exactly what we know as the Loadout Drop-in Warzone. You just throw this grenade anywhere and it will drop a Supply Drop at that location.

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Energy Crystal

You can consume this crystal and it will slow you down but you can do your actions really fast. You were basically trading out your speed for damage. You could farm materials really fast and get in the battle early on.

Medic Pack

Again an item we can refer to Warzone as the Self-Revive. You can keep a Medic Pack in your inventory and you can revive yourself when you are knocked down. Obviously, this could not be used in Solo.


This flamethrower did exactly what the firefly jar does but you can shoot it at a player exactly and damage one exact build. It would have been a little broken because wood build fights would have been ruined by this.


It didn’t “do” anything because the idea was scrapped before they could add the actions but the animations make it very obvious that it was used to teleport the player to wherever the grenade was thrown to.


How can I forget this gun off of this list? This gun was removed from the game within an hour just because it was too amazing. However, there’s only one gameplay clip of its action on live servers.

It had the same load time before shooting as the Rail Gun but it didn’t shoot through builds.

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My main source of information in this article is the Twitter page of @LostOfFortnite. The admin of the page was nice enough to give me additional information about the items which never made it into the game and the footage of those items in use as well.

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