Cory Barlog Talks About His Experience Directing God of War 2

God of War 2

Santa Monica’s acclaimed God of War 2, the title that took the series to new heights, literally, taking the franchise to a whole new level with even more epic involvements and even more insane fights, celebrates today its 14th birthday.

And in celebration of the date, the game’s director Cory Barlog, revealed on Twitter a few details about his first experience as a director.

The director, responsible for the direction and writing of God of War 2, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, and God of War (2018), also revealed that only at the end of the project he started to understand the mechanics of being a director, saying:

“And when I finished that game, I only KIND OF understood the MECHANICS of being a director. Actually KIND OF understanding what it really means, as a whole, to direct…that came many many years later.”

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You can play God of War (2018) right now on the PlayStation 4 and on the PlayStation 5. The game’s sequel, and one of the most anticipated games in the 21st century, is already in production.

You can see the first look at God of War 2, expected to release in 2021, below:

Don’t forget to check out the amazing God of War – Raising Kratos documentary, if you haven’t already, witch covers the production of the title. You can watch the whole documentary below:

Also, Dark Horse’s GOD OF WAR: FALLEN GOD, a new comic mini-series, featuring Kratos between the end of God of War III and the beginning of God of War (2018) is already available.

The comics is written by Chris Roberson and illustrated by Tony Parker. You can check out its full synopsis below:

“Can a man ever be free of his past? Can the tides of time ever wash away the bloody sands of sin? Or do transpired trespasses permanently and inescapably stain one’s soul?

After conquering Zeus and thwarting Athena, Kratos believes himself to be finally free from his bondage. He sets sail for the desert in an attempt to distance himself from his home and his shame only to find his rage and guilt follow close behind. Kratos rages against the one foe that has proven to be unconquerable–himself. But a war against oneself is unwinnable, and only invites madness.

– An all-new tale, set between the events of God of War III and God of War (2018)!”

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Interested in the featured image? Artist Alvaro Zabal remastered Kratos’ God look, present in God of War 2. You can check out the full gallery here.