Among Us – Key Terms fully Explained for complete beginners 2023

Among Us

Last Updated on: 29th March 2023, 10:20 am

Almost everyone by now has heard of Among Us, a game that took the internet by storm when first released and has garnered many addicted gamers. If you are new to the game, there are a lot of terms that you will definitely find confusing.

These key terms are commonly used in lobby chats as well as in-game. So it is important to be familiar with them if you are new to Among Us.

Let’s take a look at these Key Terms, and what they all mean!

Key Among Us Terms


among us
Credit: Innersloth

“Sus” is a short word for suspicious or suspect. This is the first slang to know as it is used among players to tell crew mates who they are suspicious of or whose activities are suspicious. Identifying a player as “sus” does not mean they are the imposter as some players who are actually the imposters often use it to remove the focus on them.

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It means electricity in full and most players usually call it “elec”. If you are new to the game, this is a part of the map you will need to be careful especially if you are not the impostor.


This term is used by players after a game. GG stands for “good game” and is not limited to only Among Us. In Among Us, crewmates will generally tell each other good game after a win or tell the impostor gg for hiding well.

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AFK is a term widely known by most players, especially in the PC gaming community. It means “Away from the Keyboard”. Some players move away from their devices when in the game or purposely enter a game and then quit almost immediately. Also, a player can be AFK due to an internet connection or any other reason.


Among Us
Credit: Innersloth

On Among Us, there are vents that imposters use to move or just hide in to avoid being caught. One of the ways to quickly catch the imposter is if you see a player “venting”. During discussions to find out who the killer/impostor is, you’ll hear people saying this or that player “vented”.


OP stands for “overpowered” and it is also not limited to Among Us. However on the game players usually use it when the impostor keeps winning or a crew member keeps fishing out the impostor. You would hear “that or this player is so OP right now”

With all these key terms, you are now set to play Among Us without much confusion.

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