Xbox Game Pass: Games coming this September 2022

Xbox Game Pass September

The new month opens players to a band of new games. If you’re looking for reasons to start or stick to Xbox Game Pass, we have you covered.

The Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription offered by Xbox to their player base through their website. Just like most monthly subscriptions, there are different plans to choose from. The three subscriptions Xbox offers differ based on cost, features, and other perks.

There is an Xbox monthly subscription for PC. It’s a dollar on your first month and $9.99 in the succeeding months. If you prefer the console, the monthly subscription is $9.99. Both subscriptions offer a wide variety of games you can play that are available in the Xbox Game Studios.

If you have the knack for both PC and console, Xbox offers the Ultimate package. It’s a dollar on your first month and $14.99 in the succeeding months. Aside from the wide array of games you can play in their library, you also get the Xbox Live Gold in the package. it has exclusive deals for Gold members.

The PC and Ultimate subscription include a library of Electronic Arts titles as part of the package.

This list provides the latest list of game titles together with their release date and confirmed platforms for Xbox Game Pass subscribers:

DateGame TitlePlatform/s
September 1GRID Legends (Ultimate/EA Play) Console and PC
September 6Disney Dreamlight Valley (Early Access)Console
September 6Train Sim World 3Console
September 14You Suck At ParkingConsole
September 15Outer Wilds Series X | S
September 20Hardspace: ShipbreakerSeries X | S
September 22Beacon PinesConsole
September 22Slime Rancher 2 (Early Access)Console
September 27Grounded (Full Version, 1.0)Console, PC, and Cloud
September 27MoonscarsConsole, PC, and Cloud

If you are new to the subscription, you should also know that ushering new games into their library also means the end of the older titles. As of writing, there has not been any official list provided by Xbox as to what titles they are letting go for in September 2022.


Xbox Game Pass: Overview of the games for September 2022

We went through the basics of each of the games so you won’t have to search about them one by one:

  • GRID Legends – an arcade racing game boasting cross-platform supported multiplayer races that can support up to 21 people in a single race. Also features a Race Creator that lets you design your race track.
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley – a life-sim adventure game that features well-loved Disney characters that exudes the look of the game Disneyland Adventures. The game is set to be free-to-play anytime in 2023.
  • Train Sim World 3 – A sequel to Train Sim World 1 and 2 as you can carry all pre-existing content from the previous game titles. This new addition to the title features a Training Center for personal scenarios.
  • You Suck At Parking – an arcade racing game that looks like a battle royale of cars. Your ultimate goal is to take parking spots through a race. It has solo play and multiplayer modes.
  • Outer Wilds  – an open-world mystery game about a solar system trapped in an endless time loop. You start as a recruit of a space program bent on solving the solar system’s mysteries.
  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker – an outer space survival game where you rebuild and improve your spaceship to survive outer space. You play as a lone astronaut trying to survive a sandbox-like outer space.
  • Beacon Pines – a cute horror-adventure game that lets you play as a character in a mystery book. The player is given a chance to be both the main character and the book’s narrator.
  • Slime Rancher 2 – a sequel to the first Slime Rancher. You follow the adventures of Beatrix LeBeau in a first-person perspective shooting game full of cute monsters and intriguing puzzles.
  • Grounded – a survival game paying homage to the movie “Honey, I shrunk the kids”. It tells the story of a group of children trying to survive the backyard after being shrunk to a point where an ant is the size of a truck.
  • Moonscars – a 2D Souls-like action-adventure side-scroller that combines Castlevania’s older art style and a slick perspective of Dante’s Inferno.