Battlefield 4 is free to claim this month on PC

Battlefield 4 Key Art

It has been announced that the new Battlefield game will be revealed on June 9th, giving players a first look at Battlefield on next-gen hardware.

As part of the marketing hype for the reveal, we have seen various Battlefield games either given away or put on sale, including Battlefield V being part of PS Plus last month, and the series currently being on sale on Xbox.

Battlefield 4 Steam 1
Credit: EA

Until June 20th, PC players will be available to claim and download Battlefield 4 on EA’s Origin platform via Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime members will be able to claim the game on the Prime Gaming service, which sees Amazon regularly give away various cosmetic and rewards for games such as GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, League Of Legends, and Apex Legends.

By claiming the game, players will receive a code to redeem on Origin which will then add the game to their library forever, which is great considering its arguably the best game in the series.

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How To Claim Battlefield 4

To claim Battlefield 4, follow these steps:

  • Head to the link here
  • Log in to your Amazon account if you haven’t already
  • Click either Claim Now or Try Prime depending on if you have a membership
  • You will then be presented with a code for the game

How To Redeem On EA Origin

Upon claiming the game you will find a set of instructions on how to claim the game on Origin.

For PC:

  1. Log in with the EA account where you want to add the game.
  2. Click the Origin menu.
  3. Select Redeem Product Code.

Redeem your Product Code on Origin

  1. Log in to the Origin store website using the EA account where you want to add the game.
  2. Select Game Library.
  3. Click Add a Game in the top right corner. This will drop down an option to click Redeem Product Code.

Once you’re at the page to enter your code, type in your game’s Product Code. Click Next and the game will show up in your Game Library.

This offer is only available to PC users, but with the game being fairly old now the requirements aren’t too high, which means many gamers should be able to take advantage of this offer.

Battlefield 4 PC Requirements

Here are the PC requirements for Battlefield 4.

Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
OSWindows Vista SP2 32-Bit (with KB971512 System Update)Windows 8 64-Bit
ProcessorAMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHZ
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ
AMD Six-Core CPU
Intel quad-core CPU
Memory4 GB8 GB
Graphics CardAMD Radeon HD 3870
NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT
AMD Radeon HD 7870
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660
Graphics Memory512 MB3 GB
Hard Drive30 GB30 GB

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Check out the official Battlefield 4 trailer below.

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