FlyQuest Aphromoo: “I mean thank god for the durability patch.”

FlyQuest Support Aphromoo On Stage During The 2022 LCS Summer Split

After the first day of the 2022 League Of Legends LCS Summer Split, I had the opportunity to sit down and speak to the veteran support player from FlyQuest, Aphromoo, right after the team’s win against Golden Guardians for an interview.

Below is a transcript of the conversation I had with him.

FlyQuest Aphromoo Walking Off Stage At The LCS Studio
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

This is the first week that teams will be playing on stage with the Durability patch. What are your thoughts on patches 12.10 and 12.11 regarding how they affect high-end play?

I mean thank god for the durability patch. I don’t think anybody, and I speak for everybody, and nobody likes to be one-shot playing squishy champs. There’s no fun in that unless you’re the one doing the damage, that’s cool I guess but I play support.

The durability patch has been very good for a lot of lanes because you see a lot more champion picks than before. People can start blinding stuff, people started to blind Fiora, and I was wondering if that was allowed, but apparently, it’s good and similar situations like that. Bottom lane definitely changed a lot where you’re picking ranged supports now because you have the durability to survive.

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Let’s talk about Phillip, he came in for Phillip this split. What’s it been like playing with someone that young and fresh out of the academy scene?

I’m used to it, I’ve played with a lot of young guys in my career back on CLG and stuff, with Stixxay coming in, Huhi coming in. Obviously he has to get some games under his belt, he was definitely nervous, coming into the stage match.

He’s going to make mistakes, but I think it’s important for the other four players, the coach included, to make it fun and give him a good environment for him to work hard and have some growth. Compliment what he does well and what he brings to the team so that he can grow in the way that we want.

He had a great engagement at the soul point dragon fight today, it was pretty nuts. I wasn’t expecting that, he said I was going in and I just followed him in.

Last split, FlyQuest finished eighth place and had a 6-12 final record. What are your goals for the bottom lane this split?

All the duos that are being played right now in the summer are all ranged matchups, which requires us to be talking every two seconds. Stuff like “My cooldown is right now”, “I’m going in right now”, and “Let’s trade on this creep”, whereas if you’re playing melee supports it’s easier. I think it’s a lot more skill expression that is required.

For us, I think it’s that we have to put in the hard work, go into review and work through things over and over in order to be able to play through the bottom lane and be a strong side. You have to be able to play Lucian and Nami, Khalista and Renata, Ezreal and Carma, which are all fighting champions in the bottom lane.

You have to be able to get a lead, and if you can’t do that, you’re definitely going to suffer in this meta. Looking forward, we want to be a strong bottom lane, play all the meta lanes, push us towards playoffs and make it into Worlds for Summer Split.

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Thank you to FlyQuest and Aphromoo for sitting down with me for the interview. If you’re interested in following him on social media, you can find his Twitter here.