CLG Poome: “I didn’t get to show off today”

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Last Updated on: 21st January 2022, 05:03 am

Coming off of the 100 Thieves League of Legends development program, I had the opportunity to talk with CLG’s support player Poome after his games on Saturday. Coming off a year on the 100 Thieves academy team with his lane partner Luger, Poome is back in the LCS to show how much he’s grown. Below are all the questions and answers that I was able to get.

Questions will be in a bold font and answers will be in a standard font.

How are you feeling after today’s games?

I’m feeling pretty good, game two didn’t go the way that everyone wanted, but it was pretty close. I think in bot lane we almost got a two versus two solo kills, that was pretty good for us. The rest of the game was pretty hard. I think with our champs, if we didn’t get ahead early then it was going to be kind of hard, but overall pretty good from today, at least confidence-wise.

This is the first time that you’ve fully played on stage since on 100 Thieves in 2020, how do you think you’ve changed since then?

Well the first time that I was in the LCS, I was kind of a sub. I wasn’t put in because I deserved a spot, I was put in because there was a teammate issue and a player got kicked, and they needed someone to play, so I was put in during that kind of situation. Which is fine, I think I learned a lot from the LCS when I played in it. But that one year in the academy that I got, I learned a lot, in terms of aggressiveness, laning phase, trading, and doing all that kind of stuff. I learned so much in the academy, playing with Luger. I also learned how to engage and play as a team, though today I played Lulu, so I didn’t get to show that off today, I hope to show it off in other games.

There was another teammate that you played with on 100 Thieves Academy, Tenacity, who hasn’t played yet, how do you think he’s going to perform? (Note: at the time of interview Tenacity hadn’t yet played in the Lock In Tournament.)

Well I mean I hope that he does well, I wouldn’t want for him to do badly, you know? Any of my teammates that I played with, hopefully, they all do good. I can’t really say though, because I don’t know he’s going to play versus, I don’t know if they are going to play him tomorrow, I don’t know which team they are going to play him against. I mean I’m sure he’s going to do good, he has a pretty good champion pool and he’s versatile. I think he learned a lot from the boot camp too when he went to Worlds, and he also went to Korea with the team. I haven’t played with him for a couple of months, so I don’t know how much he’s changed and how much he’s improved.

Switching gears back to CLG, you came over with Luger, who you played in Academy with, so you already had the chemistry there with him, how has it been with the rest of the team, gelling with them before coming on stage today?

Honestly, it was kind of pretty easy. Everyone is kind of talkative. We play scrims together for a week and a half, and we’re all in LA, so there are no issues with anyone coming, well I was delayed like two or three days, but that’s it. There have been no issues, everyone has been super nice, and gelling together has been pretty easy. I think our personalities kind of fit in together. Everyone wants to be the best and play together.

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Thank you Poome for the interview. You can watch CLG, as well as the rest of the LCS, on Friday, January 21st. The first game has CLG taking on Dignitas Qntmpay at 2:30 PM PST/ 5:30 PM EST/ 10:30 PM GMT. See how much Poome and his young roster have improved after the first week of play all on