The 2022 League of Legends Worlds Semifinals recap

The Worlds Semifinals Crowd in Atlanta, Georgia

The 2022 League of Legends Worlds Semifinals are here, and only four teams are left. Who out of JDG Intel Esports Club, T1, Gen.G, and DRX will make it to next weekend in San Francisco, play in the Grand Finals, and fight for their right to lift the Summoner’s Cup?

The first matchup in Atlanta that we saw this weekend was JDG Intel Esports Club, the last team from China, taking on T1, the second-place Korean team. Will the team from the defending region be able to make it all the way, or are we guaranteed a Korean final this year if T1 wins?

In the second matchup, it’s Gen.G, the first-place Korean team, taking on the fourth-place Korean team, DRX. Can the final dance for Deft and DRX continue, or will their winless streak against Gen.G continue, closing the door on the biggest underdog story that we’ve seen at Worlds in a long time? This weekend will answer all our questions.

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2022 Worlds Semifinals Results:

T1 vs JDG Intel Esports Club

  • JDG Intel Esports Club > T1
  • JDG Intel Esports Club < T1
  • T1 > JDG Intel Esports Club
  • JDG Intel Esports Club < T1
T1 bowing after beating JDG during the 2022 Worlds Semifinals
(Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

With T1 winning the first match of the 2022 Worlds Semifinals, it means that the LPL domination that has been present at the last couple of international tournaments has come to an end. It also means that this is Faker’s chance to win a fifth Worlds. With the team looking dominant, some may say unbeatable even, this outcome may just come true.

The T1 bottom lane is firing on all cylinders, the topside of the map is looking solid and their shot-calling has not led to any mistakes in their last two series. Whoever wins between Gen.G and DRX will have their hands full with their matchup against this team.

Gen.G vs DRX

  • Gen.G > DRX
  • Gen.G < DRX
  • DRX > Gen.G
  • Gen.G < DRX
DRX on-stage after beating Gen.G during the Worlds Semifinals
(Credit: Fernando Decillis/Riot Games)

The DRX story lives on. Coming into this series, DRX had lost twenty straight series against Gen.G, going back to the beginning of the 2022 LCS Summer Split. This time, however, when they matched up during the 2022 Worlds Semifinals, the script was changed.

The first game was more of the same that fans were expecting, with Gen.G dominating and DRX looking like the inferior team, but it changed quickly during the next three games. Zeka, the mid-laner for DRX, put on a show. Going against Chovy, a player known for his strong laning and nerves of steel, Zeka made his opponent look like he was someone playing in Chovy’s place.

It didn’t matter if he was on a playmaking champion like Ahri or Akali, or a team fighter like Galio, he was finding engages, solo killing his enemies, and playing all over the map at a rate that nobody could match. It felt like watching the next great Korean mid-laner in action. The next step in his journey, however, will be to do the same against Faker, the greatest League of Legends player ever.

Worlds Semifinals are over, the last dance is set.

With the 2022 Worlds Semifinals over, the last two teams have set their eyes on San Francisco and the Chase Center for the Grand Finals. For DRX, a victory next week could make history. Deft, the team’s bottom-laner, has never been to the Finals in his career, despite being to Worlds seven times over the course of his career.

Before the tournament, he mentioned that his goal was to make it to the Finals and win the whole thing, as he didn’t know if this would be his last chance or not. Not only has he made it, but he is also up against Faker, someone whom he went to high school with, and Keria, someone who promised him that they would help him lift the Summoner’s Cup someday.

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Will DRX win, or will Faker win his fifth title? It’s all going to be decided on Saturday, November 5th at 5 pm PST. You can catch all the action at