League Of Legends MSI 2022 Semifinals Recap

The MSI 2022 Semifinals are here. The final four teams have their final shot to make it to the final series to find the winner of the first international tournament of the year.

Who will make it there out of Royal Never Give Up, T1, G2 Esports, and Evil Geniuses? Will the expected matchup happen or will there be an upset?

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MSI Semifinals One: RNG vs EG

  • Royal Never Give Up > Evil Geniuses
  • Evil Geniuses < Royal Never Give Up
  • Royal Never Give Up > Evil Geniuses

MSI Semifinals Two: G2 Esports vs T1

  • T1 > G2 Esports
  • G2 Esports < T1
  • T1 > G2 Esports

The Expected Happened

G2 Esports walks off stage at the MSI 2022 Semifinals in Busan, South Korea.
G2 Esports walks off stage at the MSI 2022 Semifinals in Busan, South Korea.

Before the tournament started, the expected final was Royal Never Give Up going against T1. Both teams had strong performances domestically, with T1 not dropping a series prior to the tournament being the biggest talking point.

Both teams emerged from the Group Stage having not dropped a game and playing head and shoulder above their opponents. In the Rumble Stage, T1 did start to show cracks, dropping games in a surprising fashion to G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses.

Royal Never Give Up made fewer blunders, not dropping a game to North America or any of the minor regions at all.

Now they are both in the finals after sweeping their opponents in their respective series. Royal Never Give Up had to put up more of a fight with Evil Geniuses not rolling over and giving them a free series. T1, on the other hand, had a much easier series.

There was a clear difference between the skill levels of the representative from the LEC compared to the LCK.

Now both Royal Never Give Up and T1 is scheduled to face off against each other. One of the two losses that Royal Never Give Up faced was against T1. Can T1 win three games against the defending champions or will Royal Never Give Up win their second championship in a row?

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The MSI 2022 Finals are ready to go. T1 will face off against the defending champions Royal Never Give Up at 1 AM PST/ 4 AM EST/ 9 AM BST. It can all be watched at lolesports.com.

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