League Of Legends MSI 2022 Day Four Recap

RED Canids and fastPay Wildcats On Stage At MSI 2022 In Busan, South Korea.

Day four of MSI 2022 was supposed to be the final day for Group B to find out who was going to make it to the “Rumble” stage.

Royal Never Give Up is and was the presumed favorite in the group, starting the day out with a record of 3-0, and the rest of the teams in the group tied, sitting at a record of 1-2.

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MSI 2022 Day Four Recap:

  • PSG Talon > RED Canids
  • fastPay Wildcats < Royal Never Give Up
  • PSG Talon > fastPay Wildcats
  • RED Canids < Royal Never Give Up
  • RED Canids > fastPay Wildcats
  • PSG Talon < Royal Never Give Up

Riot Declares A Replay

RNG's Empty Seats At MSI 2022 In Busan, South Korea.
RNG’s Empty Seats At MSI 2022 In Busan, South Korea.

Something that has not been done in the history of international competition for League of Legends happened earlier before the games today.

Riot made a statement saying that the first three games that Royal Never Give Up played were to be played again.

In a tweet that was made at 10:01 PM PST from the lolesports Twitter, the statement from Alex François was made public. The Global Head of Competitive Operations at Riot Games stated that following a technical evaluation of the first three days at MSI 2022, it was found that there was a discrepancy in the latency being reported in-game.

This discrepancy only affected the teams playing in Busan, South Korea, not Royal Never Give Up who was playing back home in China due to problems with the pandemic.

Because of this, RNG played at a different latency than the teams playing in the venue. Due to their findings, the first three games that RNG played against the other teams in their group were to be replayed.

Those replayed games are to happen on Saturday, May 15th, 2022. This means that Group B’s final standings will not be finalized until tomorrow, at the same time Group C’s final standings will be made.

If you’re looking for the full press release regarding this announcement, it can be found here.

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Both Groups B and C will be finalized tomorrow, starting with Group C. The first game for the group will be Evil Geniuses taking on G2 Esports at 11 PM PST/ 2 AM EST/ 7 AM BST. Make sure to watch at lolesports.com to earn any drops that can be redeemed in-game.

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