League of Legends: 2023 LCS Spring Finals Weekend recap

The 2023 LCS Trophy

This is it, the 2023 LCS Spring Finals weekend is here. For FlyQuest, Cloud9, and Golden Guardians, their entire season rides on these last two series. For both FlyQuest and Golden Guardians, there is also a trip to MSI on the line, since both teams have to face off against each other in the semi-finals, where the winner goes on to face Cloud9 to lift the LCS trophy.

Golden Guardians had one heck of a run to get to the 2023 LCS Spring Finals weekend. They were the sixth seed, the lowest in the entire playoff field. They started in the lower bracket, meaning they would be heading home and preparing for the next season if they lost one series. Despite those fears and all the doubts surrounding them, they have made it to North Carolina to play for a spot at MSI.

With all that is riding on this weekend, with each player’s dreams of international competition and lifting a trophy, who will show up to play? Will it be FlyQuest, who fell off after an undefeated start to the split, will it be Golden Guardians who have had the Cinderella story up until now, or will it be Cloud9 who wait in the finals that will lift the trophy? It’s time to find out.

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2023 LCS Spring Finals Weekend results:

2023 LCS Spring semifinals: Golden Guardians vs FlyQuest:

  1. FlyQuest > Golden Guardians
  2. FlyQuest < Golden Guardians
  3. FlyQuest > Golden Guardians
  4. FlyQuest < Golden Guardians
  5. Golden Guardians > FlyQuest

2023 LCS Spring Finals: Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians:

  1. Cloud9 > Golden Guardians
  2. Cloud9 < Golden Guardians
  3. Cloud9 > Golden Guardians
  4. Golden Guardians < Cloud9

Cloud9 is your 2023 LCS Spring Split champions!

Cloud9 after winning the 2023 LCS Spring Finals
(Credit: Marv Watson/Riot Games)

Despite changing the player in the mid-lane in the middle of the split, Cloud9 is your 2023 LCS Spring Split champions. Despite dropping a game to the Golden Guardians, and falling very far behind in another, for most of the series, they were in firm control of the series from start to finish.

In the top lane, despite a major resurgence for the Golden Guardians Licorice, Fudge, the top laner for Cloud9, showed he was the better laner and team fighter with almost every opportunity that he got. He had counters to everything Licorice wanted to play or do in the lane. Despite not being the league MVP, he played his heart out and showed that he has what it takes to potentially become one of the best in the world in his position.

Even though Fudge was not the MVP of the league this year, the actual MVP, Breserker, showed that it wasn’t a fluke or an undeserved reward, but that he was the real deal. Not once did it feel like he fell behind in lane, nor did he play a team fight poorly. Instead, he took over games and helped create leads for his team that felt insurmountable for his opponents to overcome.

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Now that Cloud9 finished the 2023 LCS Spring Finals on top, it’s on to MSI, the first international tournament of the year. Not every representative for each reason has been decided yet, but the date has been set. The first games will be played on May 2nd, 2023, and will be taking place in London, England for the first time in the esport’s history.

If you want to find out more about the other regions and their respective playoffs, if you want to re-watch the 2023 LCS Spring Finals, or find out the latest about the 2023 MSI schedule, make sure to check out lolesports.com.

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