League Of Legends 2022 LCS Summer Playoffs round one recap

A Cloud9 fan watching the 2022 LCS Summer Playoffs in the LCS studio

The first round of the 2022 LCS Summer Playoffs is here, and the three spots for worlds are up for grabs. The first round saw Team Liquid Honda take on FlyQuest on Saturday and on Sunday, Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming went head to head.

Who was able to win their first best of five series? Would the young talents of FlyQuest and Counter Logic Gaming be able to rise up or would the experience of the players on Team Liquid Honda and Cloud9 prevail? It all was decided this weekend.

2022 LCS Summer Playoffs: Team Liquid Honda vs FlyQuest

  • FlyQuest > Team Liquid Honda
  • FlyQuest < Team Liquid Honda
  • Team Liquid Honda > FlyQuest
  • FlyQuest < Team Liquid Honda

The first best of five series was short but it didn’t hold back. Some fan favorite picks, like Bwipo on Olaf in the top lane, made an appearance. In the first game, FlyQuest was able to take a game off of Team Liquid Honda, but the rest of the series went about as expected.

Team Liquid Honda bounced back nicely, winning the next three games with a gold difference of 14.4 thousand gold. FlyQuest did not help their cause, with some suspect drafts and poor decisions, specifically around objectives.

FlyQuest’s playoff dreams are not over yet, however. Due to their loss, they were sent down to the loser’s bracket, where they will face off against TSM on Thursday, August 25th.

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2022 LCS Summer Playoffs: Cloud9 vs Counter Logic Gaming

  • Cloud9 > Counter Logic Gaming
  • Cloud9 < Counter Logic Gaming
  • Cloud9 > Counter Logic Gaming
  • Cloud9 < Counter Logic Gaming
  • Cloud9 > Counter Logic Gaming

In the second series of the week, Cloud9 and the upstart Counter Logic Gaming went head to head. In a fantastic best-of-five series, Cloud9 ended up on top after a back-and-forth game five. All five games had exciting plays, big swings, and lots of excitement for fans of any team.

Even though they won, Cloud9 didn’t start as sharp as fans may have expected. Poor calls around teleports, mistakes in lane, and bad calls were present for the team, but there were also flashes of brilliance. In game three, Blabber, Cloud9’s jungler, managed a fantastic steal of the baron from right under Counter Logic Gaming’s noses, saving them the game.

Though they lost, Counter Logic Gaming looked really good. Interesting drafts and exceptional performances from the team were present in all the games, but poor shot calling doomed them. Poor calls on dragons and the baron turned winning games into losing games. Their drafts did not help either, putting some players on champions that did not fit their playstyle and made them look uncomfortable.

Like FlyQuest though, Counter Logic Gaming’s 2022 LCS Summer Playoffs dreams are not over. Their next opponent will be Golden Guardians, a team that stumbled their way into playoffs. What should be a get-right series for the team will take place on Friday, August 26th.

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What’s next in the 2022 LCS Summer Playoffs?

Updated 2022 LCS Summer Playoffs Bracket
(Credit: LCS/Riot Games)

Since the first round of the 2022 LCS Summer Playoffs is over, the next round is ready to start. As previously stated, the teams that lost this past weekend did not have their summer season end. Instead, they still have a chance in the loser’s bracket.

For the teams that won, their next opponents have already been chosen. For Cloud9, they go up against the first-seeded Evil Geniuses on Sunday, August 28th at 1 PM PST. For Team Liquid Honda, they will go up against the second place 100 Thieves. Their series starts at 1 PM PST on Saturday, August 27th.

For the full schedule for the 2022 LCS Summer Playoffs and for all rewards for watching the various series, make sure to tune in at lolesports.com.

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