2022 League of Legends Worlds Quarterfinals recap

Fans cheering for DRX and Deft during the Worlds Quarterfinals

The 2022 League of Legends Worlds Quarterfinals have arrived, and eight teams are ready to fight for their spot in the semifinals in Atlanta, Georgia. Who out of the eight teams will move on? Will the west have a team that makes it out, or will they be dominated?

There was also a chance for history to be made. With T1 and Royal Never Give Up matching up, this is their chance to go head to head and continue their long history of matching up against each other at the biggest tournament in the world. Faker and Xiaohu are the best mid-laners in the tournament, but only one can make it.

There’s also the chance for DRX and Deft to make it to the semifinals. Deft has become one of the favorite storylines at the tournament, with fans and analysts hoping that his storied career can finally include a world championship in his trophy case. Can he make it past the defending champions in Edward Gaming Hycan, or will they fall? It’s time to find out.

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2022 Worlds Quarterfinals results:

Rogue vs JDG Intel Esports Club:

  • JDG Intel Esports Club > Rogue
  • Rogue < JDG Intel Esports Club
  • JDG Intel Esports Club > Rogue
JDG on-stage during the 2022 Worlds Quarterfinals
(Credit: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games)

The last hope for the west has fallen, and Rogue is going home to Europe. After a strong start in the group stage, they limped during the second week, and the slump continued against JDG. Their Worlds Quarterfinals was the story of top-lane, with 369 constantly getting the upper hand and smashing against Rogue, allowing the rest of the team to play the game their way, not letting anything get out of their grasp.

After the game, it came out that the roster for Rogue may change, with some of their players not being approached to resign for next year, but outside of that, nothing is known for this roster next year. Only time will tell for this team.

T1 vs Royal Never Give Up

  • T1 > Royal Never Give Up
  • Royal Never Give Up < T1
  • T1 > Royal Never Give Up
T1 bowing after beating RNG during the Worlds Quarterfinals.
(Credit: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games)

Faker and his team did it. They arrived at Worlds Quarterfinals and made it out. In a rematch of the 2022 MSI Finals, they changed the outcome and swept Royal Never Give Up. It was close, however, since they had to come back from a deficit and beat their opponents in game two.

The T1 top laner, Zeus, did not play well that game, but his solid mind combined with the chemistry the team has prevailed, leading them to face off against JDG Intel Esports Club in Atlanta. Can Zeus withstand the 369 show, or will T1 lose in the quarterfinals for the second year in a row? We will find out when the two teams play for their spot in the grand finals next weekend.

Gen.G vs Damwon Kia

  • Gen.G > Damwon Kia
  • Damwon Kia < Gen.G
  • Damwon Kia > Gen.G
  • Gen.G < Damwon Kia
  • Gen.G > Damwon Kia

The first reverse sweep almost happened during the Worlds Quarterfinals. After dominating during the first two games, Gen.G dropped two games to Damwon Kia, leading to a do-or-die game five for both teams. The first-place Korean team, Gen. G showed up and booked their ticket to Atlanta.

DRX vs Edward Gaming Hycan

  • Edward Gaming Hycan > DRX
  • DRX < Edward Gaming Hycan
  • DRX > Edward Gaming Hycan
  • Edward Gaming Hycan < DRX
  • DRX > Edward Gaming Hycan

The first reverse sweep happened during the 2022 Worlds Quarterfinals and in spectacular fashion. DRX, the fourth-place Korean team, managed to beat the defending World Champions in Edward Gaming Hycan. There were plenty of fireworks, including an inhibitor saving a game for Edward Gaming Hycan, clutch plays, and plenty of tears.

Deft, one of the best bottom laners of all time, was in tears after his team’s victory. This is the second time that he’s made it to the semifinals during the World Championship, the last time was back in 2014 with Samsung Blue. He and his team have made it farther than anyone predicted in the tournament, but their next opponents will be hard, as it’s the LCK Champions, Gen.G.

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With the 2022 Worlds Quarterfinals finished, it’s time for the remaining teams to make their way to Atlanta to play for their spot at the Grand Finals in San Francisco. You can find the complete schedule for the Worlds Semifinals at lolesports.com.