2022 League of Legends Worlds Play-ins day three recap

Isurus's owner take a photo with fans during the 2022 Worlds play-ins day three

Worlds play-ins day three has finished, with teams fighting for their lives in the play-in stage and others fighting for the top spot in their group to make it to the group stage guaranteed.

With MAD Lions losing yesterday against RNG, only Fnatic and DRX were the only undefeated teams at the beginning of the day. Will they stay perfect today, or will one of them end their winning streak today in a surprise to a team that nobody expected?

One thing is for sure, some of the lower teams are going to go for broke and pick some crazy champions to catch their opponents off guard. Will we see something like Zilian top as we did from Isurus’s top laner ADD on day one, or will something more crazy blindside one of the top teams?

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2022 Worlds play-ins day three results:

  • LOUD > Fnatic
  • Saigon Buffalo Esports < MAD Lions
  • DetonatioN FocusMe > Mega Bank Beyond Gaming
  • The Chiefs < Evil Geniuses
  • Royal Never Give Up > Isurus
  • The Chiefs < Mega Bank Beyond Gaming
  • Royal Never Give Up > DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats
  • Isurus < DRX

Worlds play-ins day three sends some teams home

The Chiefs Raes picking up his equipment after losing during the Worlds play-ins day three
(Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Although the play-in stage is not finished, teams have already been eliminated from contention for a spot in the group stage. Those teams are The Chiefs from OCE, DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats from Turkey, and Isurus from Latin America.

The three teams finished day three with zero wins across all three teams, landing them in last place in their group. Since they have zero wins and four losses, this means that there is no mathematical possibility for them to move up to fourth in their group to play in the best-of-five circuit to fight for the chance to play in the group stage.

For the DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats and Isurus, they did not go out with at least a bang. For Isurus, their top-laner ADD and mid-laner Seiya both picked champions that nobody expected in their game against Royal Never Give Up. For ADD, the player who picked Zilian top against Aatrox, he decided to pick Teemo, a champion that has so rarely been played in a professional game seriously, the last time it was played was not known by the casters. For Seiya, he picked Sion, a champion typically played in the top lane.

The game went as expected, with Royal Never Give Up not respecting the players or their champions and rolling over Isurus, ending the game quite quickly. For the Istanbul Wildcats, the game did not play out in the same way.

They played what seemed like normal team composition for their game against Royal Never Give Up, except for their top-laner Starscreen’s pick. He picked Garen, the champion he played against Royal Never Give Up at MSI, but the outcome was different this time.

Royal Never Give Up played more respectfully of the DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats than they did of Isurus. They did not recklessly push their leads and smash in the lane; instead, they traded objectives and kills in each lane. The Wildcats showed some life, especially from their mid-lane, but it was not enough, with Royal Never Give Up claiming the Baron, winning a team fight, and ending the game.

Hopefully, these three teams can take what they learned back home, grow on what they showed here, and start the next season hungry and fighting for a spot at Worlds 2023.

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2022 Worlds Play-ins day three standings

Play-ins Group A

  1. Evil Geniuses (3-1) *tied with Fnatic
  2. Fnatic (3-1) *tied with Evil Geniuses
  3. DetonatioN FocusMe (2-2) *tied with LOUD and Mega Bank Beyond Gaming
  4. LOUD (2-2) *tied with DetonatioN FocusMe and Mega Bank Beyond Gaming
  5. Mega Bank Beyond Gaming (2-2) *tied with DetonatioN FocusMe and LOUD
  6. The Chiefs (0-4)

Play-ins Group B

  1. DRX (4-0)
  2. MAD Lions (3-1) *tied with Royal Never Give Up
  3. Royal Never Give Up (3-1) *tied with MAD Lions
  4. Saigon Buffalo Esports (2-2)
  5. DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats (0-4) *tied with Isurus
  6. Isurus (0-4) *tied with DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats

Now that the 2022 Worlds play-ins day three has come to a close, the fourth day is coming next. This will be the last day of the round robin, with the top four teams being decided and moving on to the best-of-fives.

To find all the action from Worlds play-ins day three, you can find the videos at lolesports.com.

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