2022 League of Legends Worlds Play-ins day four recap

DRX fans in Mexico cheering for the team during Worlds Play-ins day four

Worlds play-ins day four has come and gone, and that only means one thing, two teams have booked their ticket to the group stage in New York City. Will it be Fnatic or EG in Group A? Will it be DRX locking up Group B as they haven’t lost a game so far this stage?

There is one thing that is known for sure, however. There will be tiebreakers to figure out seeding for who will be playing in the best-of-fives to see who will move on as the second team in their group. Things will start to look clearer at the end of the day on who the best teams are and who the pretenders are.

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2022 Worlds play-ins day four results:

  • Mega Bank Beyond Gaming < Fnatic
  • LOUD > The Chiefs
  • Evil Geniuses < DetonatioN FocusMe
  • Isurus > DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats
  • MAD Lions < DRX
  • Royal Never Give Up > Saigon Buffalo Esports

2022 Worlds play-ins day four tiebreakers:

  • Evil Geniuses > DetonatioN FocusMe
  • LOUD < Evil Geniuses

Play-ins are almost over

DRX Zeka, Kingen, and Beryl back stage during the 2022 Worlds Play-ins day four
(Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

After Worlds play-ins, day four came to a close, which marked the end of the round-robin that decided what teams would be playing for their chance to go to New York City and play in the group stage. Yesterday, Isurus, DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats, and The Chiefs were mathematically eliminated from contention, and today Mega Bank Beyond Gaming joined their ranks.

For the rest of the teams, only two booked their ticket to the group stage: Fnatic, who finished with a record of four wins and one loss, and DRX, who finished the round-robin with an undefeated record with five wins and zero losses.

For the remaining three teams in both groups, still have a shot at New York, but they have to fight their way to get there. Since Royal Never Give Up and Evil Geniuses finished second in their group, they only have to win one best-of-five series to advance. For Saigon Buffalo Esports, MAD Lions, DetonatioN FocusMe, and LOUD, this means that they have to win two best-of-five series to book their ticket to the group stage.

Tomorrow, on day five of the play-ins stage, Saigon Buffalo Esports will take on MAD Lions for their chance to move on to face Evil Geniuses, and Detonation FocusMe will take on LOUD for their chance to challenge Royal Never Give Up for a spot themselves.

Last year, Detonation FocusMe made the run through the play-ins stage for the first time to play in groups, though they did not perform extremely well and didn’t contend with the teams in their group, one of whom was the winner of the tournament, and the other was T1.

For LOUD, the team from Brazil, if they make the run, it would be their version of what happened to DetonatioN FocusMe last year. With a passionate fan base back home backing them up, they have surprised so far here at Worlds 2022, and everyone wants to see how far that they can go.

2022 Worlds Play-ins day four standings:

Play-ins Group A:

  1. Fnatic (4-1)
  2. Evil Geniuses (5-2)
  3. LOUD (3-3)
  4. DetonatioN FocusMe (3-3)
  5. Mega Bank Beyond Gaming (2-3)
  6. The Chiefs (0-5)

Play-ins Group B:

  1. DRX (5-0)
  2. Royal Never Give Up (4-1)
  3. MAD Lions (3-2)
  4. Saigon Buffalo Esports (2-3)
  5. Isurus (1-4)
  6. DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats (0-5)

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Now that 2022 Worlds play-ins day four is over, the remaining teams, and fans of those teams, are looking forward to tomorrow. Will LOUD make the run to the group stage, or will DetonatioN FocusMe cut their dreams short? Will MAD Lions make it out of play-ins, or will they repeat the same result that they had in 2020?

Things are going to be spicy tomorrow, and you can find the full schedule at lolesports.com.

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