2022 League of Legends LCS Spring Split MVP Announced

Cloud9 Top Laner Summit

Last Updated on: 24th April 2022, 01:20 am

The 2022 LCS Spring Split MVP has been announced, and to nobody’s surprise, the winner is Cloud9’s top laner Summit. After one of the most dominant splits from a top laner that the LCS has ever seen, the choice was obvious

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His laning ability creates leads for himself and having a strong top side that his team could play through was second to none, leading him to be the most feared top laner in the eyes of the entire league.

His statistics were not anything to scoff at either. Among all top laners through the 2022 LCS Spring Split, his statistics were as follows:

  • A 72.2 % win rate, second among all top laners
  • A 2.5 KD/A, fourth among all top laners
  • 3.5 kills per game, first among all top laners
  • 9 cs per minute, second among all top laners
  • 58.1% kill percentage, second among all top laners
  • 584 Damage per minute, first among all top laners

With these kinds of stats, and plays that passed the eye test, and then some, the choice became very clear.

2022 LCS Spring Split MVP Controversy

100 Thieves Closer
100 Thieves Closer, one of the candidates for the 2022 LCS Spring Split MVP award.

Of course with this award, some people believed there was another player, or players, who deserved the award more than the player who received it, Summit.

The loudest people saying that a different player deserved the award were people that are fans of 100 Thieves. The two players that they say are their top laner, Ssumday, or their jungler, Closer.

They say this for two main reasons. The first reason is that Summit didn’t have the greatest end to the split, while Ssumday and Closer started slow, but picked up where it mattered most, at the end of the split, unlike Summit who stumbled at the end of the split.

The second reason is that the playoff performance of Cloud9 and Summit particularly should have eliminated him from contention. The problem with this argument specifically is that the award is for the regular split, not the playoffs, and the voting happened during week eight of the spring split, allowing Summit to easily win the votes of everyone involved.

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Now that the MVP has been announced, that means that the final two series of the 2022 LCS Spring Split are here. On Saturday, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses will face off to see who will go against 100 Thieves in the Grand Final on Sunday.

All the action can be watched at lolesports.com, and the complete list of Spring Split awards can be found here.