2022 League Of Legends LCS Summer Split week seven recap

EG Contractz on-stage LCS Summer Split Week seven

The 2022 LCS Summer Split week seven is here, and every team is on edge. Next week, the regular season comes to an end. With the top eight teams making it into the 2022 Summer Playoffs, this week and next week are do or die for the teams in the bottom half of the standings.

FlyQuest, TSM, Immortals Progressive, and Golden Guardians all have a chance to make it to the playoffs and fight for a spot at the 2022 World Championship, but this week and next week will decide if they even will make it there.

Things for the top teams aren’t locked in either. Namely for 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses. One of the two teams can still get the first seed, secure themselves a bye through the first round of playoffs, and have an easier path to Chicago, where the finals are being held.

2022 LCS Summer Split week seven, day one results:

  • 100 Thieves > Golden Guardians
  • TSM < Evil Geniuses
  • Team Liquid Honda > FlyQuest
  • Cloud9 < Counter Logic Gaming
  • Dignitas > Immortals Progressive

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2022 LCS Summer Split week seven, day two results:

  • Counter Logic Gaming > FlyQuest
  • Cloud9 < 100 Thieves
  • Team Liquid Honda > Evil Geniuses
  • Golden Guardians < Immortals Progressive
  • TSM > Dignitas

A shakeup at the top

100 Thieves Abbedagge, FBI and Huhi on-stage during the LCS summer split week seven
Members of the 100 Thieves on-stage during the LCS Summer Split Week Seven (Credit: Tina Jo/Riot Games)

Since the start of the split, Evil Geniuses have been named the best team in all of the LCS. They had a firm hold on first place, and prior to today, the closest any team was to them was one game behind. Today, with a loss to Team Liquid Honda, they fell into a tie for first place with 100 Thieves.

For 100 Thieves, the second half of the Summer Split has been a huge change in form. They haven’t dropped a single game, as of writing, and their victories have been one-sided games, including games against other top teams. Abbedagge, the 100 Thieves mid-laner, had faced criticism about his laning and his play but has fully turned it around.

Their bot lane has also had a full resurgence. Last year, FBI and Huhi were seen as the best bottom lane duo in the league, but since the arrival of Berserker on Cloud9, and the rise of Danny on Evil Geniuses, his title was taken from him. He fully looks like he wants to reclaim the title of best bottom laner in the league by the end of the split.

Their top lane is nothing to scoff at either, with Ssumday quietly having an amazing season and is a player that should be a dark horse contender for MVP of the split, behind Impact and Inspired from Evil Geniuses.

The only other team that can match them in firepower is Evil Geniuses, but the last time they played, 100 Thieves were the better team. The only way to tell which team is better is to wait until the playoffs, where both teams will have to meet each other to see who is the better team.

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2022 LCS Summer Split week seven standings:

Teams that have locked in playoffs will have a star next to their name

  1. Evil Geniuses * (12-3) tied with 100 Thieves
  2. 100 Thieves * (12-3) tied with Evil Geniuses
  3. Counter Logic Gaming * (10-5) tied with Team Liquid Honda
  4. Team Liquid Honda * (10-5) tied with Counter Logic Gaming
  5. Cloud9 (8-7)
  6. FlyQuest (7-8)
  7. TSM (5-10)
  8. Immortals Progressive (4-11) tied with Golden Guardians
  9. Golden Guardians (4-11) tied with Immortals Progressive
  10. Dignitas (3-12)

With the conclusion of the LCS Summer Split week seven, teams have set their sights on week eight, the super week. The final weekend of the regular season will end with three games for each team, and each game carries the weight of their playoff chances. It all starts on Friday, August 12th at 2:30 PM PST with Team Liquid Honda going against Dignitas.

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