2022 LCS Spring Split Day Two Recap

100 Thieves Jungler Closer

Day two of the 2022 LCS Spring Split is here. After Team Liquid lost on day one, will they bounce back and get back on the right track? Are 100 Thieves really back to their old form?

Who is going to be the next team to break another top laner with smite and refuse to play the lane? All of these questions will be answered today.

2022 LCS Spring Split Day Two Results

  • 100 Thieves > Counter Logic Gaming
  • TSM < Dignitas Qntmpay
  • Cloud9 > Evil Geniuses
  • Golden Guardians < FlyQuest
  • Team Liquid > Immortals Progressive

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FlyQuest Is Back At It Again

FlyQuest Top Laner Kumo
Credit: Riot Games

On day one of the 2022 LCS Spring Split, the top lane player for FlyQuest, Kumo, locked in Janna. For those who don’t play League of Legends, Janna is typically played in the bottom lane as support, slowing down the enemy and healing her allies.

She doesn’t deal a ton of damage, but since the top lane changes, she has had the highest win rate in the ranked mode of League of Legends. Though she wasn’t locked in today, a different support champion, Karma, was locked in as the same role as Janna was.

Like yesterday, FlyQuest won their game. The way that the champion was played was in a similar way as well, roaming around the map with the jungler, helping get a lead for the rest of the team, and securing objectives.

The pressure that the playstyle gives is felt all across the map, except in the lane where she was locked in for. Again, seeing this play style in professional play may show how unhealthy it is for the game and lead to changes or nerfs in the near future so it isn’t seen in the highest ranks or on the biggest stage.

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The 2022 LCS Spring Split continues on Saturday, February 12th, with the surging Dignitas Qntmpay taking on Evil Geniuses. It all starts at 1:30 PM PST/ 4:30 PM EST/ 9:30 PM GMT. For any drops or rewards for watching, make sure to tune in at lolesports.com.

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