2022 LCS Lock In Tournament Day Two Recap

Team Liquid Support Player CoreJJ

Day two of the 2022 LCS Lock In Tournament was Group B’s chance to show what their new teams were capable of doing. The stand-out teams from this group had to be Team Liquid with their new players Bjergsen, Bwippo, and Hans Sama. The rest of the teams in the group didn’t want to stay down either, and all showed what they were made of. Below are the results from the games today.

2022 LCS Lock In Day Two Results

  • Team Liquid > Dignitas Qntmpay
  • Immortals Progressive < CLG
  • Evil Geniuses > Team Liquid
  • Immortals Progressive < Dignitas Qntmpay
  • Evil Geniuses > CLG

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Bjergsen Returns To The LCS

Bjergsen before a TSM game
Credit: Riot games

After taking a year off to coach the TSM League of Legends team, the longtime member of the aforementioned team, Bjergsen made his debut on Team Liquid today. Despite the huge expectations, it did seem like he was still shaking off the rust after taking a long time off from playing in an organized League of Legends play. Despite the rust, he did look good, finishing the day with a final K/DA of 5/2/12. Not the stand-out scoreline that one may have expected from his days on TSM, but it’s a good start to the season.

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Group B = No Academy

Contrary to yesterday, where Group A had TSM and Golden Guardians play their full academy rosters, and Cloud9 play a mix of the academy and starting roster members, Group B had the majority of starting players actually playing in their first games as a team on stage. The only exceptions to this were Team Liquid, due to CoreJJ not being able to get his green card in time, and Dignitas Qntmpay who had a substitute jungler while they wait for their starter to get his visa before he’s able to start for the team.

Day three of the 2022 LCS Lock In Tournament isn’t restricted to one group, but has mixed games for each group tomorrow, starting with FlyQuest taking on the undefeated 100 Thieves. The action starts at 12:30 PM PST/ 3:30 PM EST/ 8:30 PM GST, and can all be watched at lolesports.com.

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