2022 LCS Lock In Tournament Day Three Recap

FlyQuest bottom laner WildTurtle

Day three of the 2022 LCS Lock In tournament was a mix of both groups playing one to two games. All of the undefeated teams looked to continue their streaks, and all teams wanted to finish their first week of play on a positive note and finish as high as possible before the bracket portion of the tournament starts. All of the day three results can be found below.

Day Three Results

  • FlyQuest > 100 Thieves
  • CLG < Team Liquid
  • Cloud9 > TSM
  • Immortals Progressive < Evil Geniuses
  • FlyQuest > Golden Guardians

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2022 LCS Lock In Undefeated Teams

Cloud9 Mid Laner Fudge on stage at the LCS
Credit: Riot Games

Through the first week of play, two teams are undefeated so far, those teams being Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses. The one team that fell from their ranks was 100 Thieves, who lost to FlyQuest today. For the Evil Geniuses League of Legends team, staying undefeated likely means more since they are starting their entire starting LCS roster, one headlined by their rookie, and former Fortnite professional, Jojopyun.

For Cloud9 it can be seen as a blessing as well in some ways. For their mid laner, Fudge, it is definitely a good thing. Coming from a role swap to the mid lane from the top lane, his performance has made it seem like he was always a player in that role. For the rest of the team, it could be seen as a good thing. The only other starters are the jungler Blabber and their support player Isles, so the benefits of the undefeated start also translate to them, but that is it. The remaining players are both academy players that are just placeholders that are waiting for the starters to arrive in North America.

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After today, the LCS is on a break till Friday, January 21st, 2022. The last day of the round-robin starts with Dignitas Qntmpay taking on Counter Logic Gaming, with their game starting at 2:30 pm PST/ 5:30 PM PST/ 10:30 pm GMT. All the action can be found at lolesports.com, where you can watch to get in-game rewards.

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