2021 LoL World Championship Quarterfinals Day Two

The 2021 World Championship Quarterfinals continued with Edward Gaming going up against Royal Never Give Up, a repeat matchup from the 2021 Spring Playoffs. Edward Gaming has made it to the Quarterfinals at worlds five times, but never further, but they looked to break that streak today.

Game Results

Edward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up gave a good showing – here’s how the results played out throughout the day…

  • Royal Never Give Up > Edward Gaming
  • Royal Never Give Up < Edward Gaming
  • Edward Gaming > Royal Never Give Up
  • Edward Gaming < Royal Never Give Up
  • Edward Gaming > Royal Never Give Up

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Edward Gaming Breaks The Curse

World Championship Quarterfinals
Credit: Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

Edward Gaming used to be cursed. After winning the first-ever MSI in 2015, the team had made it to the Quarterfinal Stage at the League of Legends World Championship five times, but could never find their way out. The reputation of the team turned into that of a team that would dominate domestically but never would be able to punch their way through to the semifinals, let alone finals, at the World Championship.

Today that all changed. Plays come in from all places, such as the jungler from Edward Gaming, Jiejie, stealing the baron in game three twice in a row, to utter domination from the bottom lane from star Viper. The team looked different from the rosters that Edward Gaming had put forward before.

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Day three of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship Quarterfinals will have the defending World Champions Damwon Kia face off against the first seed from Europe, MAD Lions. Their series will start at 5 AM PST/ 8 AM EST/ 1 PM BST and can be watched at LoLEsports.com.