DreamHack Fortnite teasing a big announcement

DreamHack Open Fortnite Promo

DreamHack is hosting competitive events throughout 2021, with an Open tournament and Cash Cup Extra taking place each month, with players competing for their share of $200,000.

Last month’s tournament and Cash Cup Extra wrapped up on August 25th, and now players are eagerly awaiting news on when the September tournaments will take place, and that announcement looks to be happening later today.

DreamHack Fortnite’s official Twitter account recently tweeted regarding a big announcement that is set to come later today.

“Hey, everyone!

We have a surprise for you, expect a tweet at 12.00 EDT”

We can expect the announcement later today at 12 pm EDT/5 pm BST, so be sure to check back then for the latest news.

What Is DreamHack Fortnite?

DreamHack is one of the world’s premier esports tournaments, with the organization hosting many LAN events.

However, these have all been moved online over the last year or so, with the company announcing that it will be holding a tournament each month throughout 2021.

The DreamHack Fortnite tournaments are open to all players to compete in, with the top teams going on to compete in the finals for their share of $200,000 each month.

DreamHack Open is typically in the Duos format, while Cash Cup Extra is usually a Trios tournament, with the top teams from an Epic Games held Cash Cup tournament being invited to further compete for another prize pool.

Week 13 Challenges

Here are the week 13 challenges which consist of Legendary and Wild Week Quests.

Legendary Quests

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 13 Legendary Quests
Credit: Epic Games
  • Open mission kit, then place a jammer outside the IO base in one match (2)
  • Leave secret documents at a bus stop (1)
  • Talk with Joey, Sunny, or Dreamflower (1)
  • Leave an IO car at an alien settlement (1)
  • Deploy pallets with Cat Food around the IO base (2)

The first level is worth 45,000 XP, followed by four stages that grant 30,000 XP, giving a total of 165,000 XP or around 2 levels worth of XP. But, be fast because these challenges are only available until Wednesday, September 8th before they will disappear.

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Wild Week Quests

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 13 Wild Week Quests
Credit: Epic Games
  • Deal damage with Alien Weapons (500)
  • Deal damage with Alien Weapons (2500)
  • Deal damage with Alien Weapons (10000)
  • Deal damage with IO Tech weapons (500)
  • Deal damage with IO Tech weapons (2500)
  • Deal damage with IO Tech weapons (10000)

XP for these challenges scale up with the amount of damage done, going from 10,000 to 15,000, and finally 25,000 XP for each of the two types of weapons, giving a total of 130,000 XP.