Hans Sama officially leaves Team Liquid Honda

Hans Sama on-stage during the 2022 LCS Season

It’s official, Hans Sama is no longer a part of Team Liquid Honda. On Monday, September 19th, the Team Liquid League of Legends Twitter account tweeted a video saying farewell to the player and thanking him for his time on the team during the 2022 LCS season.

The french bottom laner was signed from Rogue to Team Liquid Honda after the 2021 season. When he came over, he was seen as one of the best players in Europe in his position. However, his time in North America was nothing short of a disappointment. Combined with a down year from his support CoreJJ, he was never seen in the top three in his position. He was not as aggressive in lane and didn’t have the team fighting that fans had seen in the year prior.

His stats from the 2022 LCS Summer Split seem to back up the eye test. He was sixth in kills, fifth in deaths, second in assists, had the fourth highest KDA, and was ninth in kill participation. He was not finishing kills, not participating in team fights, and seemingly protecting his score line instead of fighting with his team.

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Where does Hans Sama go from here?

What’s next for Hans Sama is likely already underway as we speak. The official date that he can sign to a new team is after the Worlds finals on November eighth. The team he is rumored to join is not one in a major region, instead, it is in a regional french league, the LFL, and will not be present at any international tournament if the deal is true.

It is also possible that he joins a LEC team during the 2023 season. Team Vitality may sign him to replace Carzzy after his disappointing season. Some more possibilities are SK Gaming, Team BDS, or Astralis. The thing to note for these three is that they are at the bottom of the standings and teams that he may not want to go to since they don’t have much of a chance in the upcoming season.

Hans Sama and CoreJJ posing during an LCS photoshoot
(Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

For the rest of Team Liquid Honda, it’s unclear. There are rumors that CoreJJ will be leaving alongside Hans Sama, but that has not been announced yet as of the time of writing. The suspected players that will stay for the team are Santorin and either Bwipo or Bjergsen, but it’s not 100% clear which one is more likely.

If one was to guess, the roster would likely be Eyla and Yeon being brought up from the Team Liquid Honda academy team to play in the bottom lane, Santorin in the jungle, Tenacity being bought from 100 Thieves Academy to start in the top lane and Bjergsen staying in the middle lane for a second season.

Of course, what the team does next is purely speculation, and nothing has been leaked or announced. For fans of the fourth-place team, a major change is likely to happen, maybe leading to one of the mainstays of the team playing elsewhere in 2023. Only time will tell, however, and there is nothing set in stone as of yet.

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The good news is that Team Liquid Honda is famous for having its roster in tact faster than most other organizations. The news for the new Team Liquid Honda LCS roster should not take much longer after the end of the 2022 League of Legends competitive season.

For any official updates on the Team Liquid Honda LCS roster, make sure to keep an eye out here and on their official Twitter page, where they make all their announcements. For what happens next to Hans Sama, you can find his Twitter page here.

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