My Hero Academia #308 reveals the quirk of the 6th One For All user

MHA 308

After last week’s break, My Hero Academia #308 is here, in a chapter that features not only an awaited rematch between Deku, and the villain Muscular, but also the reveal of the Quirk of the 6th One for All user.

Credit: VIZ Media

The chapter, called ”Full Power” focuses on the rematch, showcasing how much our protagonist grew after the end of the previous arc, and the battle against Shigaraki, while also revealing his new quirk ”Smoke-Screen”, given to him by OFA’s sixth user, En.

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The new quirk, as its name says, allows Deku to generate smoke in high amounts, with, together with OFA’s power, and his other secondary quirks allow for a powerful combo.

MHA 308
Credit: VIZ Media

It’s good to remember, that, as it was pointed out by the previous users, the quirks were not powerful when first wilded, being considered not fit for battle on their own.

But as the generations of users passed, their power grew spontaneously, increasing their supporting capabilities even more.

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My Hero Academia, manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi, begun its publishing in 2014, and since then won over the world, becoming one of the world’s most acclaimed manga series, and one of the flagships of the shonen demographic.

VIZ Media holds the right to the manga’s publishing in English, and you can read the series’s most recent chapter’s right now on VIZ’s official site, and if available, on Shueshua’s, and VIZ’s, Manga Plus.

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So, what do you think of Deku’s growth,shown to us in My Hero Academia #308?