My Hero Academia #310: New Chapter Reveals the Shared History of the First OFA Users

my hero academia 310

My Hero Academia 310 continues where the previous chapters left off, showcasing Deku’s growth after the previous arc, while also revealing more and more about the nature of One for All and its previous users.

  • The following article features spoilers of My Hero Academia’s current, and most recent manga arcs. 

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In the chapter, called ”Masters and Pupil” we finally get to know a little more about the second, and third holders of the quirk, as well as their relation with the first wielder, Yoichi, and the moment everything started, as well as their hopes for the ninth.

On it, it was revealed that the, still unnamed second and third users, freed AFO’s younger brother, in the middle of what we can call the dark reign of the supervillain. In a moment that defined both their fates, and showcased the nature of the power and those worthy of it.

It was also revealed that the second wielder was the leader of the resistance against the villain.

My Hero Academia 310 Second
IMAGE: The Second Wielder. Credit: My Hero Academia 310 Shueisha/ VIZ Media 

The chapter also makes sure to show the readers the current state of the world, after all for One one-sided attack, making clear that things just hit the breaking point, and signalizing even more that the manga may indeed be taking large steps to its conclusion.

Just like the second said in the final panel, we should get ready for what’s to come, since we are about to hit the point of no return.

IMAGE: Deku and all the previous users, ready to face the storm. Credit: My Hero Academia 310 Shueisha/ VIZ Media

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My Hero Academia #311 is scheduled to be released on May 9th.

You can read the latest chapters of Kohei Horikoshi’s work on Viz Media’s Official site, if available in your country, and on Shueisha’s Manga Plus.