MHA Traitor: Everything revealed in Chapter 335!

mha traitor reveal

The plot hook of the MHA traitor is one that had been teased extremely early in the series, before even the hundredth chapter of the manga and during season 3 of the anime. After more than 250 chapters since the introduction with only the smallest of teases over time, the traitor has finally been revealed in MHA Chapter 335.

Naturally, full spoilers for Chapter 335, and if you missed the official release, I covered the leaks. That being said, here’s everything revealed about the MHA traitor!

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The most important part of the reveal, assuming it ISN’T just an elaborate bait, is the identity of the traitor. While certain teases have been made regarding Aoyama in the past, All for One quite literally states that he has friends in many places before the perspective shifts from location to location, stalling at U.A. High. And the person we see is… Tooru Hagakure!

mha 335 traitor
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

It seems pretty safe to say that this one isn’t baiting after such specific wording from All for One. Ultimately, little else is known about how Tooru will act as the villains in to the school considering its extensive security system. While her Quirk is extremely useful for maneuvering around unseen, it is hard to imagine how she alone could stir up enough trouble. So far, at least, it seems that Tooru has mostly been giving All for One information, as proven by the Forest Training Arc’s ambush being impossible without a mole.

My main question then becomes: what she can do to help the villains beyond intel? Her Quirk does allow for stealth, but it is unlikely she could take down the academy from the inside just based on sheer numbers and the ridiculously competent combatants. I suppose we can only wait for the next chapter…

Personally, the reveal is a bit… eeeeeeh to me. This Twitter meme perfectly encapsulates my thoughts on the issue.

Credit: Dekuscatchan

On one hand, the invisible student is the most obvious for being a mole for information and one that could do the job better than anyone else (aside from Jirou perhaps), yet it almost feels too obvious in retrospect. I can’t say I was too into theorycrafting and speculation, enjoying the ride as it came, but it feels so staggeringly obvious considering Horikoshi’s past statements about wanting to flesh out every character and Tooru’s lack of any real arc to speak of thus far. Other students in Class A are certainly less prominent, but Tooru hasn’t even really had small stuff like overcoming fears of animals, Mineta’s… well whatever comedic moment they do to show he can be courageous at times, or Yaoyorozu’s self-confidence arc.

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While we may not know much about the MHA traitor’s grand plans or motivations for her actions, we can pretty safely say her identity with certain. The long-awaited traitor is Tooru Hagakure! Let’s see just how well Horikoshi goes through with a potential character arc and how Tooru’s actions impact the cast. I’m excited if a bit underwhelmed so far.

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