MHA Chapter 356 spoilers: new story details and panels!

jirou mha chapter 356

As readers have been subject to the presumed final clash between heroes and All for One for many weeks, the stage has shifted time and time again. Thanks to information from leakers like Atsu, I’ve got everything you need about MHA 356 right here! Let’s get right into things.

MHA 356 opens directly after the events of the prior chapter with Jirou revealing her shocking new move which causes the souls of those whose Quirks AfO stole to rebel against him. Trapped in the world of his vestiges, Tokoyami reveals his new move named Black Ankh Ragnarok: Fleeting, powering the darkness his cloak creates around his arm to a huge degree before smashing All for One’s mask to bits.

Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

Despite Hawks’ best efforts in dashing in for a killing blow, All for One is successful in devouring the Quirk’s consciousness within himself and thwarts the attack with dozens of spikes emerging in all directions. These both viciously stab at his foes while also gathering his mask fragments and rebuilding the device in real-time. All Hawks can do is aim to protect Tokoyami before Endeavor throws launches himself back into the fight with a punch that breaks a number of the hardened spikes while cutting off the hero’s arm in the process.

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All for One continues to taunt Endeavor about his stubbornness but the perspective shifts to a type of flashback. A younger version of the number one hero looks at his future self who has fallen. The man has resigned himself to his failure and laments that his attempts to do good have only brought him and others harm. We then see what spurred a young Enji Todoroki to walk down the path of the hero: the sight of a father attempting to save his daughter so fervently costs the man his life without his daughter managing to survive. He then chose the name Endeavor to symbolize his desire to become someone special.

Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

No matter the effort, Endeavor cannot be All Might or even the hero’s successor. The only way to move forward is to accept his own weakness, and upon realizing this, the flashback is ended as Endeavor creates a new arm made entirely of flame before delivering a blow to All for One which breaks his mask entirely once again. Even if he receives no congratulations at all, his life’s mission is simply to end the fight. End of Chapter.

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Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

And like with many of the prior sections to this presumably final arc, MHA 356 wraps up the long-standing arc Endeavor has been going through since as early as All Might’s retirement. All things considered, I think it was a somewhat predictable yet satisfying end all the same. Let’s hope the next chapter keeps up the hype!

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