MHA Chapter 343 spoilers: full story and new panels

mha chapter 343 deku

While the past few chapters of My Hero Academia have been something of a slow burn set up for the final arc, MHA 343 ramps the pacing up tenfold with a surprise encounter. Here’s everything that came from the leaked scans, and thanks to our resident leakers and translators ahead of the official English release!

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MHA 343 opens with the perspective once again on All for One and the villains. He communicates with Aoyama’s mother in code and uses a lie detection Quirk for, well, yeah. She’s telling the truth, so he plans to make his move.

Back to the heroes, Deku goes off to meet with Aoyama to discuss his acquittal and, apparently, All for One’s grand plan. Aoyama explains that the grand plan is to destroy the Japanese currency after the devastation, leading to excess villains and general paranoia. As this instability grows, it will engulf the entire world who no longer have the manpower to fend for anyone but themselves. Through his veritable army of Quirks, All for One plans to generate all necessary resources and gain total control.

mha chapter 343 all for one
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

While Deku inevitably calls this plan out for being stoppable, Aoyama begrudgingly states that he ultimately chose his parents’ safety, weeping as All for One appears in the scene. The boss congratulates Aoyama for following through as the boy falls to the ground, sobbing. However… he quickly turns to fire a navel laser at All for One, revealing that Deku and Aoyama had rehearsed a scene like this to bait out All for One in the flesh. The two resolve to take out the villain once and for all.

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The blast from Aoyama was insignificant, but the inability of his lie detection Quirk to activate puzzles All for One. He chooses to focus on the task at hand, assuring the two that they have no chance of winning with heroes spread far and wide, none close enough to assist. As he does so, the goo teleportation Quirk is activated, summoning a number of the League of Villains’ most prominent members like Shigaraki, Dabi, and Toga.

mha 343 villains
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

The situation looks dire, but another portal forms behind the two heroes with Monoma from Class B emerging. Using Kurogiri’s Quirk, a number of Pro Heroes take the scene from Endeavor to Miruko. End of chapter and MHA 343. Looks like the battle is about to go in full swing!

mha 343 ending
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

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