MHA Chapter 333 spoilers: full plot details and new panels!

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Once again we have our weekly My Hero leaks courtesy of Rukasu and the many other leakers for panels from Japan. MHA 333 starts up right after the end of the last chapter, so let’s not waste time getting into the new content! The new chapter’s title is “Apparition.” Obviously, spoilers will be ahead, and if you missed last week’s chapter, here’s the usual summary from last week.

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Starting off right after Shigaraki grabbed Star and Stripe’s face, he exposits that he did not want New Order to meet with Deku, or the user of One for All under any circumstances, but Star’s quick action forced him to act early despite his body needing a few days to be completed. He initially wanted to take One for All, then deal with her, but oh well.

He reveals that he has stolen New Order, but Star makes a last-second order to prevent her body from being turned to dust. Ultimately, she could only save the Quirk or her own body, and All for One comments that he finally has the power to create the world of the comic books he and his brother used to read. Despite this, it appears that her face is still slightly crumbling. Immediately, he tries to create an order in which the atmosphere will do… something, but is interrupted by the vestige world within the All for One Quirk. His body in the real world then twitches and explodes.

As soon as she realized her attacks couldn’t kill Shigaraki, she made one of her orders that her Quirk will rebel against other Quirks. The monstrously large version of Star can then be seen fighting a number of silhouettes within the vestige world. She then clarifies that she never intended to protect herself but to finish off All for One from within himself. It would be a win-win to put down a global threat while escaping alive and thanks everyone for helping her do so.

mha chapter 333 vestige star
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

All for One is in something of a pickle, as he can steal and give various Quirks, yet he cannot simply delete one of his own without passing it to others. The pilots, however, are already barraging Shigaraki’s body, and he has no way to get close enough to pass the Quirk off. The pilots rally behind Star sacrificing her Quirk and continue to fight as hard as they can.

It can be clearly seen now that the order to prevent her body from turning to dust was merely delaying the inevitable, as it surpassed the limit of her own power-ups. Despite this, her Quirk is rampaging within the vestige world, destroying All for One’s Quirks one by one. As Star thanks All Might for giving her a dream to follow, All for One curses All Might as Star is a haunting image of the Symbol of Peace to the villain. Kathleen then succumbs to delay and quickly crumbles to dust.

mha 333 star death
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

As she had already destroyed the reflect Quirk, All for One has no way to stop the laser barrage and is running out of options before she actually kills him within his own Quirk. As he dwells on what to do and his hatred of All Might, the chapter ends.

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Well, I certainly didn’t expect a fight from beyond the grave, but it still feels sort of… “eh” to introduce a new high bar for power to then immediately remove them from the story. As things stand, the heroes are already hard-pressed to act before Shiggy/AfO have the power to raze Japan down to the ground. While the fight was cool, it seems sort of unnecessary to introduce an endearing new hero only to kill them off within 5 chapters. Still, let’s see just what All for One comes up with to, well, not die here.

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