MHA Chapter 322: Spoilers, Plot Summary, and Panels

As we reach the conclusion of the arc that I shall self title Deku Alone, I and many other fans alike wait in baited breath for Atsu’s weekly spoilers. Here’s everything you need to know about MHA Chapter 322! First off, the title is: Great Explosion God DynaMight!

The chapter begins with Deku seemingly admitting defeat. He acknowledges that he can and should break free of Iida’a grip, but that he can’t bring himself to do so. As Uraraka deactivates Float and Kirishima catches the two, he comments about a story he hears, about a hero roughly Deku’s age saving a classmate from a villain. He asks the protagonist if it was truly him.

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Mina tries to come through to Deku, but he responds about how one would expect. By rejoining everyone in UA, he would be putting everyone in critical danger. Upon realizing this effort is futile, Bakugo enters the stage and approaches our hero, asking him to recall what was said after Shigaraki’s attack. Upon a declination, Bakugo says that “don’t try to win this alone” was stated.

In an emotional climax (unless Horikoshi drags it out) of their arc, Bakugo finally explains in detail how he’s felt since they were kids, about how he felt Deku looked down upon him. He feared Deku surpassing him one day, and this touching scene is accompanied by the two progressing from kids to UA students. Upon finishing his speech, he finally acknowledges Midoriya by calling him Izuku instead of Deku.

Mha 322 Bakugo apology
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

in a stunning move by the character, Bakugo apologizes for everything he’d done up until now. Additionally, he states that while Deku and the older users of One for All weren’t wrong in their approach, they can’t do everything on their own. Together, they could save by winning and win by saving, a parallel to back during Bakugo and Deku vs All Might.

Ultimately, Deku feels bad about viewing the other students as so weak, but passes out into Bakugo’s arms before he can act on those thoughts.

Upon waking up, Deku sees the veritable fortress that is UA. The class has managed to bring Deku back unscathed, or at least as uninjured as he could be. Ultimately though, citizens do protest Deku being around despite Present Mic’s attempts to quell the crowd.

Fun fact: 13 is finally shown here!

Mha 322 thirteen
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

MHA Chapter 322 ends with Deku attempting to leave, but Ochako grabbing his hand in protest. It returns to the narration from 20 or so chapters prior, about Ochako wondering who can save heroes when they’re in need of help as she makes sure Iida, Bakugo, and the rest of the class’s plan doesn’t go to waste.

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And thats MHA 322! I gotta admit, this is a far more emotional, and might I add better, chapter than anticipated. Finally seeing Balugo air everything out was super welcome. Heres to the next chapter, same time and place!

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