MHA Chapter 318 Spoilers: Plot Summary and Panels

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Y’know it’s not always the case but sometimes I DO want to go to bed before 4AM, though My Hero Academia had other plans. MHA Chapter 318 spoilers and plot details surfaced mere hours ago and I come once again with my weekly details. Spoilers ahead, but I figure you’d be okay with that by now.

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Well, admittedly even I’m having a hard time finding most of the raw scans of the chapter, but Twitter and Discord users have thankfully chronicles the events of the chapter, and it follows up on the arc and theming of the past few chapters.

Noticing just how hard Deku is working around Japan, Endeavor informs him that heroes from around the world are coming to help get the situation under control. Despite this, Deku feels that he has a responsibility to keep fighting if he can move, even against the wishes of the past users of One for All in their mind… world… thing. They even think they may have pushed him overboard on accident throughout the past few chapters. Yeah, ya think?

The second user believes Deku is doing the right thing, even if it is pushing him too far. Seems like a pragmatic type of guy. Anyway, back in Japan, Deku can be seen dueling multiple villains nearly effortlessly with his quirks before setting out to patrol the cities while pondering the League of Villains’ hideout.

Chapter 318 Deku
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

Our protagonist reflects on why he fights and trains so hard to master One for All, notably reflecting on all the people he cares about before heading off to Kamino and encountering a new villain. As another Tartarus breakout, this villain, Dictator, can use his quirk to control people similarly to Shinsou’s though it isn’t entirely the same in application.

Rather than controlling Deku himself, Dictator uses his quirk on numerous citizens as Deku would be far too strong to use any of his powers without gravely injuring all the innocent civilians and resigns himself to his loss at Dictator’s hand. OR NOT! Bakugo makes a surprise sudden appearance to attack Dictator with a powerful AP Shot and reporting in on the phone, saying that he finally found Deku.

MHA CHapter 318 Bakugo
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

Gosh this is so cool. The theming the series has had about Deku and Bakugo, and their growth as both heroes and people has been great, and it felt like it had been laying dormant for a while. Having Bakugo rescue Deku in his time of need, physically and mentally in the same city Bakugo was captured by the villains before the All Might vs All for One battle feels so appropriate and satisfying. I expected Bakugo to be the one to snap Deku out of his reckless and self sacrificial trance, but I didn’t think it’d be so fast.

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I absolutely adored MHA Chapter 318, and can’t wait to read the full translated chapter myself soon. Hero Aca seems to be going in a great direction, so let’s go Horikoshi!

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