MHA Chapter 315: Faux All Might

MHA Deku Full Cowling Art

Last Updated on: 31st August 2022, 07:59 am

My coverage of the hit series My Hero Academia has been a bit more lackluster than I’d like, and I want to get a piece up every week. However, coming back for this chapter was the right idea, as MHA chapter 315 is a fantastic change of pace that signals great things for the last act of My Hero Academia. Spoilers below of course.

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I read both chapters 314 and 315 back to back, as I’d forgotten about checking last week, and boy was I impressed. While 314 dealt more with Lady Nagant’s backstory, 315 reintroduces old characters, has a fairly dynamic battle, Deku at his best, and a crazy cliffhanger.

This really felt like the first time to me that the real dark side of hero society has been shown, what with killing criminals before they can commit crime and such, but it does feel a bit disconnected from the world we learned of early in the series. Whatever the circumstances may be, Nagant’s fall to working with All for One feels somewhat tragic and is ready to bring out Deku at his prime.

MHA Chapter 315 action shot
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

In this chapter, both Deku and Nagant are holding nothing back, and Deku needs to juggle 6 of his quirks just to be able to get ahead in the match. Through the reveal of the Fa Jin quirk (basically kinetic and potential energy), Deku is able to use his power set in a much more interesting way than past battles to save returning antagonist in Overhaul (almost gotta feel sorry for the dude at this point) and additionally defeat Nagant herself.

As we know though, Deku as a protagonist is generally at his best when he isn’t only overcoming insurmountable odds in interesting way, but trying to get through to his enemy and really understand them. Think of the Deku v Bakugo and Todoroki fights for good examples of what I mean. Through truly listening to Nagant, he can come to understand her and reach out, literally, to bring her back to the heroes.

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And for the incredible twist, seems All for One figured Nagant would fail or switch sides, as she seems to combust/explode/something while in Deku’s hand. Hawks coming back to (hopefully) save Nagant before she dies really shows how far Hawks has come, and the similar circumstances they face.

MHA chapter 315 cliffhanger
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

In my opinion, MHA chapter 315 had basically everything the series does right without messing up much at all, and if this will be the series’ quality moving forwards, I am ALL for it!